Monday, November 9, 2009

Yakiniku & Choc delights

Alright for the meantime I'll be posting about what I've been up to while I can... so I don't have to catch you up on it all at the one time later on (really shouldn't be lazy). Right into it ppl... So Thursday night plans were made with my good friend EMIKO to go out for Yakiniku @ Torimatsu on King st (in the city). Not only have we not seen each other for AGES~~~ but we haven't been to this restaurant in ages too since it's always packed whenever we go hehehe... luckily we booked earlier.

Lookie lookie...

Yep... Mmmm~~~~ Japanese BBQ...(indoors with a huge fan on top of us). Why do we love this place? Well... it's all you can eat for 90mins and yes, they do time you. So within that time you can order as much and whatever you want on the menu :) We ordered everything: beef skirt, beef sirloin, ox tongue (these were purely for Emiko), chicken, pork, squid, frankfurt, vegetable (these were for me but we shared) and cabbage salad. I think we ordered two serves of the lot that night and ate ourselves silly!!! hahahahahah...

Introducing EMIKO~~~ who just before the dinner got her hair done at the salon hahaha...but we pretty much stunk ourselves up during the BBQ coz ppl at the back of me and next to us were all where to hide from the smell of meat and smoke... hehehhehehehe
Actually, the night we went the place wasn't so packed so I think we managed to eat for almost 2hrs just slowly enjoying ourselves since they weren't kicking us out. But I'm sure they would have rushed us if they were busy with bookings.
Where are we off to? For dessert  of course... a meal wouldn't be a meal without finishing with dessert for the night...

Here we go:

Umm... guess the pics speak for themselves hahaahhaaha... We headed to Max Brenner in Melb Central that night and there were heaps of ppl hanging out late at night...all eager on some sweet stuff I suppose :) Btw the choc brownie sundae was NEW on the menu that night YAY!!! and we got to try it... But can I just say after a belly full of meat and vegie... then eating so much of this sweet stuff... we were terribly sick and full to the neck!!! HAHAHHAHAHA... But WHATEVER~~~
Catch up was great we talked about all sorts of things happening in our lives over the past several months and she's reading my blog too woo hoo~~~ Glad to know ppl enjoy it.

Home time:

Clothes I wore for I could stuff myself silly HAAHHAHA... and clothes I don't mind stinking up since they were going to be washed. Oversized long white top, great hoodie cardi, black mini shorts (underneath the top), black patterned stockings. THAT'S IT! real comfy haahhaha...but somehow that night was kinda windy and cold so it  wasn't enough but oh well...I survived heheheeh...

Can you guess what blush I tried on that night?

To finish off... I'll show you my damn tired face...after photowhoring for too long and feeling heaps full from dinner~~~ get ready....

Can barely pull a smile~~~There you have it, me and my night filled with great food, great company and finally having too much phototaking of off to bed I went. Which reminds me I should head to bed now too since I have an early morning and did heaps today SUPER TIRED~~~

Have a great week you guys and take care.
Luv from ME


xSplendidStar said...

WOW That is some gorgeous food! Never tried Jap bbq or Korean bbq before. The dessert looks sooooooooo yummy tooooooooooooooooo >_< Hehe they sure serve you very well!

I think I know the blush you wearing!!! Is it the pupu one?!?!??!?! Please tell me I'm right! LOL xD Hope I am O_O hehe


freshelle said...

YUMMMMMMM !!!! now i'm so hungry...THANKS haha

Shop N' Chomp said...

Jeezus, that food looks gooood! Love those stockings, babe. :D

Zoe said...

The food looks amazing infact we have that restaurant here too but they don't serve that much..ha ha ha..the dessert looks really yummy too..
I love ur hoodie , u look so cute wearing it^^

JoolzGirl said...

I am DEFINITELY telling my friend Sally about this place. Great to know about! She's gonna love it!

The Owl's Closet said...

that's always the best isn't it? good food with good friends:) yum, the food looks so good! and those desserts!!

Uinisan said...

@ Linh: Yep you're right!!! it's the love pupu blush in orange. Received that day and tried it that night out hahaahaha... will review it later but I haven't used it since that night~~~

@freshelle: No thank you for dropping by hahahahaha

@Shop n' chomp: And that was the first time I wore those stockings since buying it awhile ago...then I finally pulled it out to wear hahahah...FINALLY~~~

@zoe: thanks so much for your cute comment :)

@JoolzGirl: Yep TORIMATSU on King st is an all you can eat go crazy~~~ haahahah... thanks for following sweetie :)

@the owl's closet: you got it! good food and company there is nothing better



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