Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair styling product: Noble Cosme Volume hair base

My previous post about my purchases from iMomoko was very exciting because I was keen on trying out a few of the stuff... BUT as stated before there were a few disappointments. NOTHING to do with the products but more just coz of my own personal preferences and liking.

The one thing I did wanna talk about was the Noble Cosme Volume hair base featured in the video from a Taiwanese beauty show on my previous post. Let's see what it looked like again...

Some have said it looks like bra pads or shoulder pads...the only thing is this won't do for either of those uses because it's surrounded by the spikey velcro material on the entire exterior. The one pack contained two hair large and one small in size. This is purely to give that enhanced volume bump on the top of your head which can be matched with a pony tail on the end or a bun like style up-do.

Why didn't it work for me?

1. I have little hair which means not only is my hair fine in texture but the amount of hair is insignificant to others with thicker or more hair
2. My hair is just too limp and flat, which means it cannot be easily manipulated the way you want it
3. The current hair cut or hair style I've got at the moment is too short for any fancy dos with this gadget
4. There is lesser hair to grab at and hence my hair won't hide the gadget effectively

I went ahead and gave it to my friend Emiko knowing that she'd love it and make better use out of it than me. I took the chance to snap some photos of the hair base at work so here are some before and after.

Back view:

Notice how in the before photo the hair has no shape and is quite untidy (great if you're going for that home, weekend bum look). With the device underneath a layer of hair makes a heap of difference. The base is able to hold the nice volume height-ly shape at the top of your head, the hair is much more tidy and the curve of the base creates this nice shine for your hair whenever light hits the highest point of the hair do. (mind you, she didn't use any brushes or combs just her hands)

Side view:

Here you can see a clear flat to a more volumized hair do look with just the one hair base used (in this case the large size hair base was used).

- comes in 2 sizes so you can get a simple bump or a dramatic classic volumized look
- is very light weight and you can't even feel you're wearing it
- real easy to use, just separate a layer of hair, place the base at the scalp, maneuver it up and down so it stays firmly in place and drop the top layer back over the top
- works with half pony tail dos or a full pony tail up do
- great for creating volume for people with heavy, long and thick hair

- due to the design with it's all over velcro spikes, once it's worn and firmly  in place it becomes hard to remove, especially when you have long hair
Warning: the hair base should be removed carefully, DO NOT grab and pull at it along with most of your hair still attached to might create a hair loss problem later down the track with constant use (be gentle and patient)
- this is not a recommended hair product for girls with thin, short, fine and small amount of hair (ME!!!) because you will be caught out as it exposes the hair base clearly (stick to volumizing sprays for girls like me hahahahaha...)

Ok so I know some were interested in this new hair styling product from Japan and I hope I've shown a lil of what it can do for your hair. I have no doubt that this is actually fun to use but it's just not for me~~~

I wanna thank EMIKO for being my model to demonstrate how this hair base works...hope you enjoy using it coz it looks cool on you...but real crappy on me hehehehe... I'm just happy I got to see how this really should work on someone else, coz it really does work!!!

Hrmm... I was just thinking... this volume hair base can be used casually but also for party looks or even weddings, coz it's so hard to get that rounded, big volume look ready for a pretty headband or tiara don't you think? This cuts out the work of teasing your hair and using too much chemical hairsprays which just damages your hair.

Like it/ hate it?

Luv from ME


Blair said...

Ahhh, you've created a lemming! I have a lot of hair but they're limp. I'm so in need of some volume! Thanks for the photos =D

Tammy said...

I really want to try this too once my hair grows out. Thanks for posting some examples of how to use it :)

Kalmo said...

Ohh thanks for reviewing these cool volume hair bases, I've been interested in them for a while. The pictures were really helpful. I'm not sure if it's for me either. Hmmm

Blovet Beauty said...

oh I saw a video on you tube demonstrating how to use these and I like the effect on u much much better :)it looks naturally volumising :)

Uinisan said...

@Blair: it really is great for long and thick hair... gives you that volumized look along with your normal pony tails and you're welcome :)

@Tammy: please do try it when your hair grows out, plus it's relatively inexpensive :) and you're welcome, I found this interesting enough to do a detailed review on it :)

@Kalmo: you're welcome about the reviewing...and yea if you've read the pros and cons and the reasons why it didn't work for me...and these matches you're situation then I wouldn't bother trying it frankly...

@Blovet beauty: the video is what got me to eventually buy it hahahahaha... but yea the natural effect was great ... and it wasn't on me but used on my friend who was nice enough to model it for me :)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Wow thanks for the review the NC hair bumpits looks really good on you :)

Crafts said...

I liked it, i manged to find it here.
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