Monday, November 16, 2009

Color Tag: GOLD BABY!!!

I'm gonna start off by saying how sorry I am about being away for almost a week with no posts....I've been heaps busy all of a sudden and it was stuff that needed to be done so I had to sacrifice my internet life for awhile~~~ But I'm back... Well at least I've got some time now and wanted to do something fun.

Here it is my first ever TAG!!! I was tagged by lovely Akisa, who gave us girls who got tagged a very hard colour to work with hahahaahaha..... GOLD!!!!
So I went around my place looking for anything gold related and surprisingly came up with a few things so here we go!!!

Looks like I just stepped into a very bright place hehehhehee....

No. 1- makeup related

No.2- makeup related

No.3- skincare related

No.4- jewelry related

No.5- lifestyle related (LOL)

No.6- makeup related

No.7- bag related

No.8- tools related

No.9- package related

So I know I was supposed to stop at number 7 but I thought I'd throw in whatever else I could find which was gold in colour and it was only 2others things. Gold really is a hard colour to work with hahahha... But I'm glad I did it!!! OMGoodness I had so much fun with this one hehehehehe...

Alright now I've got to tag 7 others: (hrrmmm....)
2. Yumeko
4. Linh
6. Tammy
Your challenge ladies is to find 7items which is of the colour GREY... Geez... these tags are just getting harder aren't they? haahhhahaah... but try to have fun with it, afterall that's what it's all about. And there is no hurry in doing the tag, we all have a life so do it when you run out of posts to do or for FUN!!!

On another note I've been hauling way too much online (crap!!!) so I will share them once I've receive them. And about the reviews I said I'd do... I won't be able to do it anytime soon because of my hayfever causing my eyes to look so bloodshot, it's gross~~~ but believe me it's on my to do list, PROMISE.

So what do you guys think? Pretty good effort for my 1st tag and a somewhat difficult tag right? hahahhaaha... Well, I'm proud of it coz the whole post is full of GOLD BABY!!!

Until next time. Stay well now.

Luv from ME


♥akisa♥ said...

Hahahaha!! You totally nailed the Gold Tag!! I know I'm sorry it was a hard colour.. but it's so much more interesting than the normal colours.. haha... I love the gold brush roll!!

Uinisan said...

@ Akisa: I'm so glad I nailed it hahahah... it was really a challenge no doubt. I was even thinking of separating the HR mascaras to make it 2items... but then that would be cheating wouldn't it? hheheheheeh....

Yumeko said...

lookit all that gold!

and woo thanks for that tag! color tags sound like fun and lots of pictures! my type of thing

i will try my bestest!


how awesome are you!
you rock gold lemme tell you and THANKS for tag im looking foward to this =D wicked exited =D

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks for tagging me sweetie! I'll do this very soon!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh, my eyes my eyes! :) Love all the items you posted.

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Hey girl, I just did the color tag you tagged me for! Come on over and check it out.

PS. LOVE your YSL lippie. I'm dying with envy cuz I dont think I could get the courage to buy that. ;)


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