Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini skirts 4 all to enjoy

I think it was awhile ago I said I would show a lil of what I've collected over the weeks of shopping here and there.... So I thought since I was still up...I'd better get this one out of the way before heading to bed and getting up early for church.

So it seems that Melbourne is warming up a lill bit  more recently and there is no doubt shops are rolling out the Spring/Summer stuff (finally~~~). Great time to be showing off some skin haahahahaa... To start off with just some of the things I bought, I realised I had bought a few mini skirts which I found quite nice and comfortable to wear.. check it out!

Shall I try them on for you to see what it's like??? Your wish is my command...

Just a simple navy blue cotton mini with an elastic waist you can see it's like a wrap around skirt but don't worry when the wind blows... nothing can be seen when the above flap flies up hahahahah phew~~~~ BTW this was bought online.

This is a black chiffon like mini where the see through material is layered up, underneath is a tight slip which means the skirt won't be running up. Very comfy to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the ocassion. Quite elegant really... bought this at Episode (sale item and in my size phew~~~).

Have you noticed how floral patterns are kinda 'in' these days... I found this one to be very cute...a cotton blue mini with pink, white and yellow floral patterns. Love it coz it's figure hugging and stretchy so it shows off your figure (no matter what the size, nothing wrong with having curves ladies!!!). I got this at Lolitta in Westfield Doncaster.

This black mini with studs is so cool hahahaha... has an elastic band on the top and is also of the stretchy cotton material so it's figure hugging as you can tell. The bronzy gold studs runs along each side in the front all the way to the back giving that added feature to a normal black mini. Got this also at Episode the same time I bought the chiffon black mini (above). I just couldn't resist...guess I was desperate to finally show off some legs... (not that I have great legs, I'm short and stumpy). But there's something about Spring/Summer that makes you just that lil bit more confident about yourself :)

So I know many ladies choose to stay away from the mini skirts... becoz most are hip and butt hugging but there is no rule to say who can wear minis and who can't. Believe me I was always in pants back in the days, really hated exposing myself (or so it felt that way), what kept me away from trying new styles was my low self esteem and confidence. Now I think back and think it's all silly...who cares what people think about you, as long as you are happy with yourself. OMGosh I have a lot of flaws when it comes to talking about skin condition, height, weight, body shape and other stuff... and these constantly get in the way of allowing me to express myself and being comfortable with myself (and still does now from time to to time, completely normal). But once I stepped out of my shell...  I instantly realised I was much happier not giving a rats ass what others thought about me and went on to wear the stuff I wanted to. So just try it...if you think you look good in it then why not just wear it? For the sake of making yourself feel awesome about yourself and for no one else.

Spring/Summer is totally the time to be celebrating women of all shapes and sizes and I can only describe myself as being short, stumpy with wide hips (coz I was born in a Western culture maybe hhahahahaha). An important point is that you love yourself enough to look after yourself (to stay in tip top condition) and whatever you wear on top of that well... that's just expression and who doesn't want to be noticed hahaahaha (damn truth).

P.S. When wearing mini skirts especially the tight figure hugging ones... be sure to wear seamless underwear or a g-string so the outlines of your underwear/butt doesn't show up... now that would be showing too much hahhaahha... So which one is your favourite?

I bought a few other garments the other day.... crap I've done too much shopping... but will post about it when I get the time or remember so yea... ummm... I think I will be away for awhile (a couple of days maybe) coz I'm just a lil busy in my personal life right now. But if I get bored you know to keep reading my random posts on just random things food related, events related, animal related haahhhaah stuff like that... alright really gotta sleep now it's 1.15am~~~~~~

Luv from ME


Blair said...

I love wearing skirts!

Yumeko said...

pretty skirts!

xSplendidStar said...

All the skirts suit you well! I am loving the navy blue one and the chiffon one :) xxx

xSplendidStar said...

Ohh and I left you some awards on my blog! So check them out <333

♥akisa♥ said...

nice skirt collection!!

xSplendidStar said...

Awww you welcomeeeeeeeeee!! hehe and do take your time! I know you're busy :D Yeah I use to do xanga layouts but I wasn't so good with colour schemes so now I look back and think wow O_O. But at that time I use to think WOW XD. I use to just sit and try to learn the basics of the HTML >_< <<--- total nerd. But I guess learning it kinda payed off coz now I understand not all of it but some of it which is useful sometimes hehe. If you want to check it out then it's, hehe it brings so much memories back. Back then so many people use to use xanga but now they don't and it's pretty sad really coz I think xanga was great! I also have a personal one on there that I just recently refurbished hehe. The name of it is pretty dorky though lol. But yeah it is harder to meet people on xanga than blogger, perhaps because there's not as much people, or they all personal so they like to keep it to themselves? LOL. Ohh myyy A+???? You're gooooood!!!! I'm struggling now coz it's so much harder in college than in secondary school. It's like a BIG JUMP.

And glad you like the quote! It just reminded me that I need to update it!


eki said...

awww those are all so cute skirts!! <3 love it!

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

LOVE the fourth skirt! Also, thanks for the tip on the cuticle cream. I'll try it out this winter!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Too cute! I like the second one most. :)


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