Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At a halt

I know I've been away for almost a month now... I'm terribly SORRY but like anything I do sometimes it just comes to a halt for a bit (due to various reasons). Here's what's been on my mind and what I've been up to (no specific details).

  • Feeling stress
  • Neck & Shoulder pain
  • Random worries come and go
  • Concerned for a friend who is sick
  • Busy with self- studies I've set for myself
  • Loss of motivation
  • Missing my bestie who is over in Europe
  • Having bouts of doubt
  • Bad tempers flare as the weather heats up
  • Feeling guilty and stupid over my bad habits
  • Internet was capped for about half a month (slow connection)
  • Get tired easily due to the increased dosage of Oratane (3 capsules, probably the highest you can go)
So I guess overall  it's been a bad month BUT I promise to be back and to deal with each problem as it happens without feeling too down. I'm sure ppl get like this once in awhile when you want nothing else but to stop everything you're doing (while the world is still spinning). However, that's only the easy way out right? hehehehe.... Anyway, I've still got heaps to work on in my personal life and I know better days will always come (so I'm not afraid heheheh...).

I have plans to update my site when I get the time so I hope you'll all come back then. I mean, I still have Christmas songs playing here haahahahahaa... terrible~~~ But I like to work on the blog in the one go when I'm free. I do have some planned posts I wanna get up bit by bit so thanks for being so understanding and for waiting. Ahhhhh~~~I'm feel much better now hahahahhaaha

Oh it's a special day today!!! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!! Plus it's a nice day out, I'm so glad I'm coming back... so please stay tuned :) Miss you all and take care.


Luv from ME


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