Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas in the City of Melbourne

Haven't updated any post for awhile and I'm not going to lie I've been busy personally and when I do have time I'm just lazy hahahahahaa... gosh~~~~ So I'm terribly sorry but I have to admit that I don't have much to share in terms of beauty related posts because I'm just not allowed to wear much makeup (acne meds). I just came back from my dermo appointment and my doc wants me to increase my medication dosage bleh~~~ From now on I can just imagine my whole body getting heaps more sensitive and just more dry... fingers crossed that everything goes well... Coz I MISS PUTTIN ON MAKEUP!!! hahahhaahah....

Alright so I wanna share some photos I've taken around the city which shows off a lil of what Christmas looks like in the City of Melbourne. I enjoy posts like this... because I love to see photos of other cities and how they are made over for the holiday season hehehehe...

Here we go: Starting off with my day time pics

Our stars lining up Bourke st... They are so pretty~~~ ... I don't know how many there are but I heard it was in the thousands. This is our traditional decoration down Bourke st for years now and you can never get sick of it :)

Another tradition in Melbourne is our Myer Christmas windows which features mechanical puppet displays. The theme for the windows are based on popular children Christmas story books and changes every year. Check out the line, it's really a scene which most families purposely go out to the city with their children to admire. I've been lining up and overseeing these window displays since I was a child too heheheehe...

Melbourne's huge Christmas tree on the corner of Collins and Swanston st, right next to the Melbourne town hall ...doesn't it just make you feel like it's Christmas~~~~

Something for the kiddies~~~ A post box set up by Australia Post where kids can come ready with their letters to Santa and ready to be sent. This box is right on the side of the above Christmas tree on Collins st... Every letter is read and replied to from Santa so kids' idea of Christmas stays alive, I think this is a great idea. What should I wish for this year??? Hrmm..... haahhahhaahaha....

Christmas displays and Christmas buys at Starbucks hehehehe...

Christmas at night in Melbourne:

These are the same stars which you see in my day time photo but at night they really light up the street.
The same big Christmas tree on Collins but much brighter during the night with Christmas carols playing too.... So Christmas-sy~~~~ Sparkle Sparkle

Another Christmas tree displayed at Crown (Melbourne's Casino) very tall, colourful and bright.... Definitely a great sight for kids :)

Next to the big tree is this merry go round.... with different animals featured on it... definitely purely for viewing and not for riding but still such a grand sight heheheh....

How does your city light up over Christmas? What are the traditions unique to your city over Christmas? I'd love to find out since Christmas is all about sharing hehehehehe....
That's all folks...promise of more posts soon... terribly sorry that I've been gone for sooo long at a time but tha'ts life I suppose ahahahaahaha.... Hope the time leading up to Christmas for all you guys gets more and more exciting :)

Luv from ME

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Backtrack: END of the world (exams...really)

Just to be clear... I've already graduated from university earlier this year.. so when I say end of exam it's really referring to my friends who are still at uni heheheeh... So this is a backtrack of a day back last week when i received news that the girls have finished their exams and wanted to hang out. I'll share what we did that day... did I mention it was stinking HOT in the city that day... I showed a side of me to these lovely ladies hanging out with me which scared them~~~ I was totally annoyed at everything coz the weather was so warm, I tend to get that way... hahahahahaa.... don't you? I mean, I just HATE hot weathers!!!

Anywhoo.. on with what happened that day... and this was the  day I wore that orange gold eye makeup yea.. it was long ago~~~ ahahahahahaa....

Met up with the girls in the afternoon for lunch at Oriental Spoon (no pics) with plans later for a movie :)

The above taken right after lunch and on the way to the cinemas...

Just before the it was so hot we ended up going to a close by Korean grocer and picked up these icy yoghurt slurps... they are sooooo goooooood~~~~ apparently it's low fat too WOOO!!!!
What did we watch?

That's right... IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!.... Quick thoughts on the movie: I didn't really think much of it, special effects were great but fake at times (shocking), storyline wasn't as captivating for a movie about the end of the world...and Australia wasn't featured in the world shots BOO~~~ (this is just what I thought but by all means go and watch it yourself and see if you like it)

After the movie we just hung out some more doing silly things... how silly you ask? it goes a lil like this...

We took sticker photos!!! I know it's so high school but it's for FUN!!! and yep haven't done it in a long while now and there are just too many new machines which I don't know how to work...not to mention I have no idea what poses to pull out ~~~ I'm prob getting old for this crap haahahahaha... but I don't care bleh~~~~Having fun is all that matters hahahahahaha...

Where to next?

We headed off to Crown for a bit of a walk around and grab some coffee BUT....

We ended up feeling hungry and realised it was already time for dinner... so why not? hahahaahaha... I guess we worked up an appetite just by walking heaps hehehehe... What did we order?

This is what the two girls ordered EACH...HAHAAHAHAH

This was my choice...Mmmmm~~~

I can't speak for the others but I loved my pasta dish coz it had mussels, calamari, prawns and scallops PLUS the fettucini pasta was al dente just the way I LOVE it and the tomato sauce didn't over power all the seafood... PERFECT!!! ahahahahah... Ok.. there is no doubt that having dinner at Crown was going to be expensive but  I guess none of us cared too much because it was just a great night to be out and enjoying great food :) (Mind you, we don't do this everytime ahahahhaa)

After dinner... it was getting late but we still wanted to do some walking to obviously work off all that dinner.... But you can't end the day without dessert or in this case....

STARBUCKS!!! hheehehehe...

Got home pretty late that night after spending time a whole day out with the girls catching up. Now when I posted the Spring goldlights EOTD post I realised that the last photo there seemed a lil misleading... I was not naked ppl!!! Here's what I wore that day:

A one piece strapless dress

Closer look at the floral pattern on the dress...pretty~~~no? hehehehe

So I came home just hoping to capture the beauty eye makeup the SA did for me @ the Shu Uemura counter....but my sister... (off in the back) was annoyed with me hahahahahahaha.... sighZ~~~~
That's it that was the end of that day (a week ago). Sulynn if you're reading this hope you enjoy your time back at home with your family and we'll meet again real soon :)

Alright guyz this was a long one but it's good to share about my daily doings once in a while, because as you can tell family and friends are so important to me so I love spending time with ppl no matter what :)

Wanna see what Christmas looks like in Melbourne? (upcoming post)

Luv from ME

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair styling product: Noble Cosme Volume hair base

My previous post about my purchases from iMomoko was very exciting because I was keen on trying out a few of the stuff... BUT as stated before there were a few disappointments. NOTHING to do with the products but more just coz of my own personal preferences and liking.

The one thing I did wanna talk about was the Noble Cosme Volume hair base featured in the video from a Taiwanese beauty show on my previous post. Let's see what it looked like again...

Some have said it looks like bra pads or shoulder pads...the only thing is this won't do for either of those uses because it's surrounded by the spikey velcro material on the entire exterior. The one pack contained two hair large and one small in size. This is purely to give that enhanced volume bump on the top of your head which can be matched with a pony tail on the end or a bun like style up-do.

Why didn't it work for me?

1. I have little hair which means not only is my hair fine in texture but the amount of hair is insignificant to others with thicker or more hair
2. My hair is just too limp and flat, which means it cannot be easily manipulated the way you want it
3. The current hair cut or hair style I've got at the moment is too short for any fancy dos with this gadget
4. There is lesser hair to grab at and hence my hair won't hide the gadget effectively

I went ahead and gave it to my friend Emiko knowing that she'd love it and make better use out of it than me. I took the chance to snap some photos of the hair base at work so here are some before and after.

Back view:

Notice how in the before photo the hair has no shape and is quite untidy (great if you're going for that home, weekend bum look). With the device underneath a layer of hair makes a heap of difference. The base is able to hold the nice volume height-ly shape at the top of your head, the hair is much more tidy and the curve of the base creates this nice shine for your hair whenever light hits the highest point of the hair do. (mind you, she didn't use any brushes or combs just her hands)

Side view:

Here you can see a clear flat to a more volumized hair do look with just the one hair base used (in this case the large size hair base was used).

- comes in 2 sizes so you can get a simple bump or a dramatic classic volumized look
- is very light weight and you can't even feel you're wearing it
- real easy to use, just separate a layer of hair, place the base at the scalp, maneuver it up and down so it stays firmly in place and drop the top layer back over the top
- works with half pony tail dos or a full pony tail up do
- great for creating volume for people with heavy, long and thick hair

- due to the design with it's all over velcro spikes, once it's worn and firmly  in place it becomes hard to remove, especially when you have long hair
Warning: the hair base should be removed carefully, DO NOT grab and pull at it along with most of your hair still attached to might create a hair loss problem later down the track with constant use (be gentle and patient)
- this is not a recommended hair product for girls with thin, short, fine and small amount of hair (ME!!!) because you will be caught out as it exposes the hair base clearly (stick to volumizing sprays for girls like me hahahahaha...)

Ok so I know some were interested in this new hair styling product from Japan and I hope I've shown a lil of what it can do for your hair. I have no doubt that this is actually fun to use but it's just not for me~~~

I wanna thank EMIKO for being my model to demonstrate how this hair base works...hope you enjoy using it coz it looks cool on you...but real crappy on me hehehehe... I'm just happy I got to see how this really should work on someone else, coz it really does work!!!

Hrmm... I was just thinking... this volume hair base can be used casually but also for party looks or even weddings, coz it's so hard to get that rounded, big volume look ready for a pretty headband or tiara don't you think? This cuts out the work of teasing your hair and using too much chemical hairsprays which just damages your hair.

Like it/ hate it?

Luv from ME

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EOTD: Spring time goldlights

Hey all,
Hope you're all doing well... Just wanted to share a quick EOTD however, it was an eye makeup look from yesterday but since I got home real late I couldn't post about it. This look was NOT done by me but by my favourite SA at Shu Uemura in David Jones...I had a little time waiting for friends to show up so I headed over there to grab some tips on a Spring makeup look for the eyes (since I can't do makeup on the entire face). So here it is:

So I wanted a bright and neutral look for Spring and she was able to pull off using orange (matte eyeshadow), shimmery gold and a metalic brown along with a dark brown gel eyeliner. The same colours were brought down to my undereye area where orange lined my inner half and gold along the rest of the undereye with a lil bit of brown on the outside corner of my undereye area. None of the colours were too harsh or stood out too much on their own, which I just love.

I only did my eyes at Shu Uemura and left the face on it's was soooo hot yesterday and since I can't apply makeup on my face, I only had moisturiser and sunscreen on...(thank goodness for those protective layers hhahhaahaha).

Yep that's how it looks like...and was a look I was wearing all day. I have to admit I have never worn orange eyeshadow before was a lil worried about how it would turn out but I'm totally loving it. I didn't get the orange eyeshadow but did get some other things (I will share on later posts).

What do you think? Spring like? Love it or hate it? Mind you, I don't have big eyes and no obvious double eye lids either (my double eyelids folds inwards as I open my eyes) so to pull off any great eye makeup look seems so impossible sometimes... but I'm very happy with terms of recreating it... gosh~~ I just ain't that confident in my shitty make up skills since I hardly wear makeup now.... (skill levels diminishing...would even poke myself in the eye when doing the eyeliner nowadays LOL). But it totally added colour to my bare face that day hehehehe...

Anyhoo~~~ I'm off now, hope you enjoyed the look... ARGH!!! It's so darn hot here~~~ Not a fan of the hot seasons that's for sure.

P.S. so sorry about the bad quality of the EOTD photos because it was already late at night bearly any natural light to been seen ahahahahah.... did my best to capture the colourful look :)

Luv from ME

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st iMomoko haul~~~

First it was a 1st ever sasa haul and now it's my 1st ever imomoko haul...It's shocking how much hauling I've been doing online these days and getting real convinced by others to do so... not blaming others but it does affect my decision and raises my curiosity about the products ahahahaha.... Now this is the first time I've ordered from and I have to admit that it's been a good experience. I received an email saying that my stuff has been shipped on the 11th and it arrived today the right? I was expecting it to come next week, so I was heaps excited this morning :)

So let's see what I got:

Everything packed away nicely in a lil box

So this was pretty tempting for me to get since my hair is always's a volume base device which you put underneath a layer of hair and cover it with the top layer of that instant volume look. One pack comes with two velcro shoulder pad like devices one big and one small in size. What convinced me more was this video (see it in action):

Pretty awesome right? I watched this before I knew it was offered on imomoko then I got real excited. However, this thing doesn't work for me and I'll tell you why. I just don't have enough hair and it's way too thin and fine in texture to hold the shape. So I'm gonna try it on my sister or my friend and show you guys how it really should work (later on). Definitely gonna give this's really useless for me boo~~~~. I would definitely say that girls with heaps of hair, long and thick this invention will be great for you if you wanna make elegant yet cute looks with your boring pony tails :)
Now, moving on....

Now this is one thing which can help solve my flat and lifeless hair... the beauty hair volumising spray which is great for real fine hair like mine. Spray this at the roots and tease a lil and you've got great volume. I haven't tried it yet but will do a review on it after I've used it and check it out for it's staying power throughout the day....It's definitely not your usual hair spray because it's more water like so I'm eager to try it out. Luckily I purchased this along with the above device...coz I had a hunch that that thing wasn't for me but I was just purchasing out of curiosity hahahahahaa... (bad way to shop).

Yep, everyone would be familiar with this product because everyone has tried it (at least it seems that way). So since I'm a mascara addict I wanted to give it a try.  I was going to purchase this long ago like over a year ago but never got around to doing it... So it says it helps with volume, curling and is clump free...does that sound right~~~ Guess I gotta try it to find out.

Bought two of these Lycee eyedrops just coz.... It's super cooling~~~ But I've heard there are new ones now that are stronger and gives your eyes this overwhelming icing feeling... I think this one is strong enough for me heheheehe... This one is for people who don't wear contact lenses (guess there is a difference in ingredients...who knows?)

So 2x2 is 4... yep I bought two of each of these lashes and don't they just look so nice~~~ and natural which I'm a real fan of. I was totally convinced to check these lashes out because Akisa had used the Lovable beauty style lashes in her wedding makeup practice Click here to see what they look like on her...believe me it's real natural yet gorgeously adorable. I bought the lovable ones so that they can extend my eyes, length wise and the soothing pairs for a more doll like look. Really happy with these...maybe I should have just stocked up on more~~~~ Did I mention how soft these lashes are~~~~soooooo soft.....


I wanted to get some lippies and came across the beautymaker aqua smooth lipsticks. I wanted colours which I normally don't wear (I have heaps of pinks and nudes). So I got a coral and red colour. Now these are really sheer in colour so the colour isn't so pigmented like you would expect from lipsticks. The sheer-ness comes from the tiny glitters along with it's very moist formualted lipstick. It's almost like applying lipgloss coz it's so shiny. If you wanna see colour you better be prepared to apply layers.

Do you agree that it's very sheer in colour and shiny for a lipstick? I guess since it's called the Aqua smooth lip colour this was the effect they were after. But I'm not very fond of it, I will put it to use maybe mixing it with other lippies and using it as a moisturising base underneath similar colours. The coral one was like... WHAT THE HELL? It didn't look coral in colour at all and when I removed it the cotton pad was pink in colour... so weird~~~~ its just too sheer to really show off that distinct colour it was named after.... too bad~~~

And there you have it... my first imomoko haul. If you're interested in any of the products I purchased please visit iMomoko's site  search for the product and read up on it hehehehee...

That's it folks, I'll be back with more soon but be patient with me coz my eyes are still red and itchy as ever due to hayfever~~~ bleh~~~ Lord help me!!!

Luv from ME

Monday, November 16, 2009

Color Tag: GOLD BABY!!!

I'm gonna start off by saying how sorry I am about being away for almost a week with no posts....I've been heaps busy all of a sudden and it was stuff that needed to be done so I had to sacrifice my internet life for awhile~~~ But I'm back... Well at least I've got some time now and wanted to do something fun.

Here it is my first ever TAG!!! I was tagged by lovely Akisa, who gave us girls who got tagged a very hard colour to work with hahahaahaha..... GOLD!!!!
So I went around my place looking for anything gold related and surprisingly came up with a few things so here we go!!!

Looks like I just stepped into a very bright place hehehhehee....

No. 1- makeup related

No.2- makeup related

No.3- skincare related

No.4- jewelry related

No.5- lifestyle related (LOL)

No.6- makeup related

No.7- bag related

No.8- tools related

No.9- package related

So I know I was supposed to stop at number 7 but I thought I'd throw in whatever else I could find which was gold in colour and it was only 2others things. Gold really is a hard colour to work with hahahha... But I'm glad I did it!!! OMGoodness I had so much fun with this one hehehehehe...

Alright now I've got to tag 7 others: (hrrmmm....)
2. Yumeko
4. Linh
6. Tammy
Your challenge ladies is to find 7items which is of the colour GREY... Geez... these tags are just getting harder aren't they? haahhhahaah... but try to have fun with it, afterall that's what it's all about. And there is no hurry in doing the tag, we all have a life so do it when you run out of posts to do or for FUN!!!

On another note I've been hauling way too much online (crap!!!) so I will share them once I've receive them. And about the reviews I said I'd do... I won't be able to do it anytime soon because of my hayfever causing my eyes to look so bloodshot, it's gross~~~ but believe me it's on my to do list, PROMISE.

So what do you guys think? Pretty good effort for my 1st tag and a somewhat difficult tag right? hahahhaaha... Well, I'm proud of it coz the whole post is full of GOLD BABY!!!

Until next time. Stay well now.

Luv from ME

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