Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st iMomoko haul~~~

First it was a 1st ever sasa haul and now it's my 1st ever imomoko haul...It's shocking how much hauling I've been doing online these days and getting real convinced by others to do so... not blaming others but it does affect my decision and raises my curiosity about the products ahahahaha.... Now this is the first time I've ordered from imomoko.com and I have to admit that it's been a good experience. I received an email saying that my stuff has been shipped on the 11th and it arrived today the 17th....fast right? I was expecting it to come next week, so I was heaps excited this morning :)

So let's see what I got:

Everything packed away nicely in a lil box

So this was pretty tempting for me to get since my hair is always flat...it's a volume base device which you put underneath a layer of hair and cover it with the top layer of hair...giving that instant volume look. One pack comes with two velcro shoulder pad like devices one big and one small in size. What convinced me more was this video (see it in action):

Pretty awesome right? I watched this before I knew it was offered on imomoko then I got real excited. However, this thing doesn't work for me and I'll tell you why. I just don't have enough hair and it's way too thin and fine in texture to hold the shape. So I'm gonna try it on my sister or my friend and show you guys how it really should work (later on). Definitely gonna give this away...it's really useless for me boo~~~~. I would definitely say that girls with heaps of hair, long and thick this invention will be great for you if you wanna make elegant yet cute looks with your boring pony tails :)
Now, moving on....

Now this is one thing which can help solve my flat and lifeless hair... the beauty hair volumising spray which is great for real fine hair like mine. Spray this at the roots and tease a lil and you've got great volume. I haven't tried it yet but will do a review on it after I've used it and check it out for it's staying power throughout the day....It's definitely not your usual hair spray because it's more water like so I'm eager to try it out. Luckily I purchased this along with the above device...coz I had a hunch that that thing wasn't for me but I was just purchasing out of curiosity hahahahahaa... (bad way to shop).

Yep, everyone would be familiar with this product because everyone has tried it (at least it seems that way). So since I'm a mascara addict I wanted to give it a try.  I was going to purchase this long ago like over a year ago but never got around to doing it... So it says it helps with volume, curling and is clump free...does that sound right~~~ Guess I gotta try it to find out.

Bought two of these Lycee eyedrops just coz.... It's super cooling~~~ But I've heard there are new ones now that are stronger and gives your eyes this overwhelming icing feeling... I think this one is strong enough for me heheheehe... This one is for people who don't wear contact lenses (guess there is a difference in ingredients...who knows?)

So 2x2 is 4... yep I bought two of each of these lashes and don't they just look so nice~~~ and natural which I'm a real fan of. I was totally convinced to check these lashes out because Akisa had used the Lovable beauty style lashes in her wedding makeup practice Click here to see what they look like on her...believe me it's real natural yet gorgeously adorable. I bought the lovable ones so that they can extend my eyes, length wise and the soothing pairs for a more doll like look. Really happy with these...maybe I should have just stocked up on more~~~~ Did I mention how soft these lashes are~~~~soooooo soft.....


I wanted to get some lippies and came across the beautymaker aqua smooth lipsticks. I wanted colours which I normally don't wear (I have heaps of pinks and nudes). So I got a coral and red colour. Now these are really sheer in colour so the colour isn't so pigmented like you would expect from lipsticks. The sheer-ness comes from the tiny glitters along with it's very moist formualted lipstick. It's almost like applying lipgloss coz it's so shiny. If you wanna see colour you better be prepared to apply layers.

Do you agree that it's very sheer in colour and shiny for a lipstick? I guess since it's called the Aqua smooth lip colour this was the effect they were after. But I'm not very fond of it, I will put it to use maybe mixing it with other lippies and using it as a moisturising base underneath similar colours. The coral one was like... WHAT THE HELL? It didn't look coral in colour at all and when I removed it the cotton pad was pink in colour... so weird~~~~ its just too sheer to really show off that distinct colour it was named after.... too bad~~~

And there you have it... my first imomoko haul. If you're interested in any of the products I purchased please visit iMomoko's site  search for the product and read up on it hehehehee...

That's it folks, I'll be back with more soon but be patient with me coz my eyes are still red and itchy as ever due to hayfever~~~ bleh~~~ Lord help me!!!

Luv from ME


Beauty Snap said...

Ooh I love your haul even though you had some hits and some misses. I like how the beautymaker lippies look but I guess it's all up to preference. The colors are cute but I guess pigmentation is not really so. Haha and I thought those black velcros were bust pads for the bras! Stupid me~~ The shape is similar though.
I'd love to see the lashes on you! They look lovely~

Uinisan said...

@beautysnap: OMGoodness, if they were bra pads... it will irritate like hell HAHAAHHAAHa... I knew people would either think they're shoulder pads or bust pads~~~but the velcro is all over so it's gonna be kinda spikey LOL. About the lippies I'll definitely find a way to wear them maybe I just have to apply concealer on my lips so the colour comes through...

Blair said...

I know what you mean! Blogging has increased my haul rate hahaa~

The Rohto eye drop sound amazing!! My tired eyes definitely need some icy perk!!

I like moist lippies but it's a pity that the Beautymaker ones are so sheer! Maybe you can layer it on top of matte ones to give it some shine?

Blovet Beauty said...

OOHH!! Wat an amazing haul!!! I love everything you bought sweetie:) esp esp that hair volume thingy.. U could do some amazing jap inspired hair style and I'm sure u will love the fairy drops as much as ME!! haha
ur lips look so pretty with cherry too!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice haul, sweets! :) I know what you mean by being influenced to buy...hehehe. I had never heard of that volume hair base until now. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. At least you can just give it to your sister or friend and not have it go to waste. :)

♥akisa♥ said...

omg I want that hair volume puffy thing!! But last time I checked it was sold out.. Lucky you!! Your lips are super duper smooth! I'm so envious~ Those Kevin BM lipsticks look waaaaay better on you than me. I found it didn't suit someone with really deep lip lines like mine.

Zoe said...

Love ur haul, the fairydrops mascara is really cute^^
I also love ur lipstick colors, they look so pretty~


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