Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting on 2009

Wow!!! Can you believe it? It's already the end of the year....Boy does time fly by or what? So this will be my final post for the year of 2009... and it will be a reflection of what I've been through and where it's taking me... Let's start:

Big Events this year:
  • My graduation from uni back in March
  • Assigned myself to a TESOL course
  • Attended CAE to learn Korean (level 1 only hahhahaha)
  • Started blogging on Xanga on the 7th of July
  • Transferred my blogging to Blogger on the 21st of September
  • Being able to gain experience through heaps of interviews and assessments at big corporate companies (but never landing the job hahahahaha)
  •  Actively attending Sunday church when I can (more so than last year when I was a lil lazy and busy)
  • Started to teach and do private tutoring in English to international students
  • Watching my friends graduate after me (YAY!!!)
Makeup wise:
  • Actively started to watch Youtube videos and came across all these wonderful gurus and their blogs
  • Gaining tips off people on how to apply makeup from all over the globe
  • Had a desire to learn more and therefore purchase more cosmetics
  • My collection of cosmetics has definitely grown this year alone
  • Ventured into Japanese and high end brands (scary~~~)
  • Realised that I love using lipsticks now when I've never used it before (so delayed~~)
Skincare wise:
  • Began the year with the whole intense skincare routine specifically for day and night
  • Developed painful and terrible acne (which only got worse) which meant I started to try all sorts of topical treatments
  • Started to take Oratane which meant my skincare only now consists of cleansing, moisturising and sunscreening for the day
  • Tried the inexpensive brands of skincare for the first time (coz I have to) which is just perfect for sensitive skin
Why I started blogging?
To be honest.... I started blogging on Xanga in the middle of the year because I was just bored. The first half of the year was very busy for me in terms of all the short courses I've committed myself to. Then when that was all over and done with I just didn't know what to do with myself. I would watch all these great Youtube videos and wanted to share a lil about what I know (even in the smallest way). I learnt all the basics in Xanga and realised that most beauty bloggers were either using Blogger or Wordpress so I just  had to give it a try. My momentum with blogging is slow but gradually getting there...As long as I have just ONE devoted reader I think I'll still be pushing on with my blogging (when I get the time of course heheeheh).

What I like about blogging?
I really loved reading everybody's blogs back then...I was a reader of everyone's blog I came across for months before I decided to start up my own. I love blogging and the blogging community because of all the support there is out there for each other. I love how we are all unique in our own way, leading our own lives in reality, but yet still have the same interests and topic of conversation. I particularly love knowing what goes on half way across the world through ppl blogging about their experiences as it happens. In all honesty, once I started to gain momentum... this whole blogging business can sometimes get a lil hard and draining for me...But I always get over it, and realise that there are ppl out there who wants to know more about Melbourne and who are going through the same problems as me (acne in your 20s) amongst other things hahahahah....

I wanna thank all those who have been reading and following for that last 4 months of journey in Blogger, even those who are just stopping by. I appreciate each and every comment I receive and feel supported by your words. Before blogging I was totally self concious and miserable about my acne (when I never had it in my teens) however, once I shared my experience as I'm going along with my treatment I have noticed the difference and the touching comments about my transformation. Then I knew that I shouldn't be so down since you're bound to get acne at some stage of your life (unless you're lucky and have great genetics hahaahah). So thanks to everyone who constantly leaves comments on my posts and for cheering me up :) Yep, I'm talking to you *Uinisan pointing at ya*

A glimpse of ME throughout the year:

Please don't mind the watermarking all over hahhahahaa  and then.... there is a lil more of ME below:

So I started off with terrible skin as you can see and over the year I've been able to get it looking decent again hahahaahah... phew~~~ Looking at old photos of myself, I can just feel the pain on my chin, mouth area, jawline and cheeks again~~~ Dearie me... it's definitely been a long process of getting it right and I'm still on the meds ppl... will definitely let you all know when I come off them (my next dermo app is in Feb).

What I need to do heading into 2010?
  • Finish off my self studies I have prepared for myself
  • Lose some weight (My doctors warns me about this all the time sighZ~~~)
  • Find a job (easier said than done hahahahaha)
  • Live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my weak body
  • Save money (also very difficult to do...and there is so much I wanna get)
  • Get my hair done at the salon dye and cut (I'm so overdue for that...major regrowth problem)
  • There is something else I'll be doing heading into the New Year but I'll announce that once I've confirmed it all (be patient heheheeh)
In the meantime, let's be kinder to ourselves and take good care of ourselves while looking out for others as 2010 is a new fresh start!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!

Luv from ME

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The rest of Christmas 2009

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday this year and received heaps of gifts heheheehe... So I know it's a lil late but I've been a lil busy during and right after Chrissy but here's what I did during Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day.... Can I just add that I STUFFED myself like a pig over the holidays and couldn't be more sick of big dinners and gatherings anymore bleh~~~~ Man... I ate heaps, don't get me wrong it was great food seafood and all... but when ppl say "you can never have enough"... Well, it's not true till you've really filled up your stomache to the point of (vomitting) hahahhahaaha... Dearie me~~~

So on with it... (this is for Sunny who has been pushing me to post up these pics heheehe)
First it's my EOTD & FOTD on Christmas Eve:

Since I'm all about minimal these days... I decided to go with a Golden brown look with sensible eyelining hehehe... I didn't want it to look too much since it was to be a day outing and not to some fancy party heheheeh...

And here is the casual outing face look I scored on the day, just a hint of peachie blush popping through and a nudie glossy lip to finish it off :) Love/Hate it?

Ok so my food galore started on Christmas Eve... for a big lunch at Groove Train in the's what we ordered....

Sunny and her fave at Groove Train... The Groove beef burger!!! It looks awesome right? But still not enough to sway me since I've been off red meat for 7years now heheheehee... This is also my sister's favourite.

I had the tasty fried calamari with salad...Check it out.....This is literally the entree size~~~ I can never seem to finish it but all their entrees are gigantic hahahahaha... Value for money I suppose :) Lunch really filled us both up... especially whenever we come to this place bleh~~~ Very satisfying if you've starved yourself since brekkie heheheheh...

Then we headed to Crown for a bit of a walk about and coffee when we came across this:

The Christmas show was a hit with families who brought along their children coz of all the lights, music along with the fun Christmas atmosphere. And what Christmas would be complete without listening to some carol singing... performed perfectly by this bunch of talented singers from some Australian Choir group. I just had to sing along as it really did get me in the mood hahahahhahaa...

A lady was nice enough to help us take a photo with this lovely GOLDEN Christmas tree... reality I had to take one of her and her friend too hahahaahaha... Oh... the friendly spirit of Christmas hahahahhah...

Time for a break over coffee and APPLE CRUMBLE even though we were still darn full from lunch... Look how tasty this is with vanilla ice-cream Mmmm~~~~We had exchanged pressies earlier on at lunch...and decided to show em' off while having coffee hehehehe...

Here's what I got:

Yep, it's Marc Jacobs latest fragrance Lola... Absolutely loving this new floral scent since it's so great for the hot seasons. I also have Daisy by Marc Jacobs too, received as a birthday pressie this year...Totally loving the two coz they are so different from each other and smell just divine.

Here's what I got Sunny:

Uh huh a MARCS Chain weave bag CLICK HERE to view the closeup of the bag on their official website. And she models it so well!!! Sunny was really lackinng a casual small bag since all the bags she owns is only fit for uni use. She instantly fell in love with this bag one day we went shopping and we couldn't believe how inexpensive it was (but she felt guilty having to buy it for herself). So there was my chance to get it for her hehehehe... In the end we both got what we actually wanted for Christmas this year HAPPY HAPPY!!!
I didn't get many pressies this year but I did receive money $$$ from relatives so I can go out and buy a few things myself...WOOO!!! there's just something about giving money in Asian families hahahaahah

So that was Christmas Eve spent with Sunny...No photos were taken of how I spent my Christmas day and Boxing day as it mainly consisted of eating with the family. Not to mention they are camera shy but the memories are still there since I haven't fully recovered from indigestion from all that eating~~~~ hahahaahah... We had a lobster feast at our fave Chinese restaurant in China town called Shark Finn was good and all but the lobster was just way too big for a family of 4 to finish, so we stuffed ourselves...

Having not fully recovered from the dinner the night before, we headed out again for dinner on Boxing day with my cousin... this time it was Korean BBQ in Carnegie~~~ Talk about pork, chicken and octopus galore for me.... and everybody else having their beef and lamb.... Again we ate way too much... and boy was I sick after that~~~ Right now I'm totally laying off any meat products and just sticking to plain porridge to recover from my Christmas feast... Did you guys feast out like I did? hahhahaahaha....

Anyway that ends my Christmas for 2009... it wasn't a White Christmas or anything fancy but I got to enjoy it with friends and family and I'm totally grateful for that :) Hope your holiday was just as fun and enjoyable. See you all soon in my next end of year post...

Luv from ME

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's here: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!! Whether you be a follower or a visitor blog walking a very MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!

I've had a great couple of months trying out this blogging business... and I've got to say that I've really enjoyed myself and proud that I've lasted up till now. Hopefully, I'll have more to blog about and that it's interesting enough for you all to think it's worth actually reading. So... THANKS to all who have commented constantly with opinions and questions and more importantly for following me and my daily doings. I'll try to keep it up during the new year.

Along with my Christmas message for the season are two lovely photos I snapped on my phone. Enjoy!!!

Keeping it festive with Christmas trees and reindeers. A lovely tree displayed at Doncaster Westfield shopping centre. Wooo~~~ very nice indeed...

And who could that be? But of course, it's SANTA CLAUS on his Westfield sponsored sleigh hahhahaaha...

Ok ppl, enjoy every bit of your Christmas celebrations with friends and families. And give those gorgeous holiday makeup looks a good workout when you're out and about... Everyone will be impressed I'm sure : )

Stay well and safe through the holidays.

Luv from ME

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hey guys... it's CHRISTMAS EVE WOOooo!!!!!! You gotta love it!!!! I know I've been real bam bam bam with the posts this month, it's just that I wanted to do as many as I can before the year is over. Now, it's like already 4.30am here in Melbourne and why am I bloody still up??? Coz it's so darn HOT, the temperature during the day reached up to almost 40degrees celcius today and isn't going to drop below 24degrees tonight...and this angers me.. I can't get any adequate sleep feeling all stuffy, warm and sweaty~~~ Trust me I really did TRY to get some shut eye but nope, it ain't working....So I thought I'd get up and do a quick post : )

A very simple one today...most will know me for my real simple looks especially coz right now I'm living out the philosphy that "less is more". Hence, let's just go clean and simple today with....wait for it... NO MAKEUP!!! hahahahaaaaha...

Here we go:

I permit you all to look real closely at this face hahaahaha... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON MY FACE... except for my trusty Khiel's moisturiser.... crap.. what terrible bags but WHATEVER~~~

I know most of you do that FOTD look and post it on the actual day but I couldn't so I'm sorry... But I did nothing to my face hahahahhaaha... Now that my acne meds are taking effect I reckon I can go without makeup sometimes... When I say makeup I only mean BB cream and blush on the face and nothing else (face wise, eyes are entirely different, I like to make them stand out sometimes)... I'm on a strict no makeup regime from my doctors' orders sighz~~~ But I gotta say it's working... One day I'll dig up some old photos to show you guys the comparison... Coz I know what you're all saying but your skin looks ok... Well, it was far from what it looks like now and I'm not feeling any sores on my face FINALLY!!! heheheehe....

Onto the HOTD (hair of the day)... Since I didn't put any makeup on that day... coz I was only going  to drop off a friend at the airport. Mind you, it's a very quick trip to and back from my place... I decided to do something different with my hair instead of always having it down (like in many photos you've seen).


Yep, the old braiding trick hahaahaha... really kept the hair outta my face YAY!!! Especially when it's so hot these days... Man, I have heaps of fly aways and baby hair... oh well that's what you get for having thinly textured hair like me hehehehee... If you're going for that messy look then you don't have to be so fancy with your braids just do it randomly and grabbing more hair as you go along... you all know the deal I'm sure. Oh.. and you can see my acne scars better in this photo ... told you so... I had NO makeup on whatsoever, it's totally bare ppl heheheehe... BUT left the house with a pair of Tom Ford sunnies on HAHAHAHAHHA....

Wanna know what else is up??? That's right ppl, it's Catalina's latest makeup tutorial. I had asked if she could do a shimmery Christmas party look or Holiday look (call it what you will) and with no questions asked she actually did it. Wooo!!! She thought that shimmery GOLD would be a great starting colour to work with and I suggested a GREEN element to it just to keep it festive (and maybe Aussie too= Gold & Green hahaahaha). So below is the video she made from my request and CLICK HERE to visit her blog, there's heaps to learn there hehehehe...

Boy, did I love the look she created or what!!! It's so shimmery exactly what I asked for heheeheh... I hardly ever do any shimmery looks but I wanted to know that it can be there is still hope now that I feel like I can experiment more phew~~~ THANKS SO MUCH CATALINA FOR THE VIDEO and for getting it up before Christmas : ) Talk about techniques ahahahaah... I totally enjoyed it and I'm sure others will too.

Great~~~ it's now 5.18am... I've gotta wake up in a couple of hours and head out for some gift giving meet up with friends hahaahahahaah... If you can't see your friends on Christmas day make an effort to do so on Christmas Eve...Gotta keep the holiday season alive ppl. Have a great day everyone and  take care. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE TOO ALL!!!

Luv from ME

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Backtrack: Emiko's Graduation!!!

A quick backtrack post and this would have been a week ago now... (sorry for the delay) But, my dear friend EMIKO has finally GRADUATED from Monash University WOO~~~ I was so honoured to be one of her closest friends who got given a ticket and take part as the family & friends audience in the ceremony. Unfortunately, her parents couldn't make it due to busy schedule I believe and not to mention the expensive trip to Australia just for a graduation (you gotta feel for the international students). So I was very touched that I would be attending as one of her closests mates : )

A perfect moment in time captured...... it really does bring back memories of my own graduation only earlier this year at the same place and from the same university sighz~~~~ But I was glad this time I was on the other end of things, coz it was a real rush that day to get the gown, take the photos, head to the hall and making sure you do everything right when you go on stage hahaahahahahah...

What graduation would be complete without a gift of flowers to the graduate. These flowers were hand picked by ME at the florist which I woke up early to head out to. The reason being  I knew this was the best florist in Richmond and where I live now... we don't have florist shops~~~ Knowing how my girl loves PINK I chose pink roses matched with my fave white mini gerberas and some other green flower in between all that. A very lovely looking short bouquet indeed... don't you think? I'm glad she liked it too.... phew~~~ hahahahahah....

A last quick shot of us before we headed to return the gown.... Not to mention we got to do a sitting taking those professional photos as a support network of Emiko's. I fully enjoyed it as it reminded me of those silly poses I did for mine hahaahahah... But so worth it because it's lasting memories of the day and I recommend ppl to get them done despite the price it costs to purchase them. I was very happy with my photos with my family and I hope Emiko will highly consider purchasing them for that lasting memory which can be valued and cherished over time.

So after we headed back to Emiko's place for Chinese hot pot.......Don't ask why? But it was definitely a HOT day that day.... and we still had HOT POT... hahhahahahahaa... Very tasty indeed coz of Emiko's specially made dipping sauce which I can never seem to get right. Another highlight was this guy...

MOMO!!! that's right... this is Emiko's dog which was her pressie from her bf for her birthday I believe. Now I suppose others have met him when he was only a puppy but I never got the chance to until now. It's no longer the tiny puppy but still very likeable and adorable. Except... this dog goes nuts over chicks!!! It just never stops jumping on me, licking me and chasing me... and my first gift from him was that he pissed on me....Yep, apparently he does that when he gets excited over strangers~~~ Awesome~~~ But I still liked him...if only he wasn't so hyper the entire time hahahhhahahaah...

That's it for my special backtrack post. I wanna say CONGRATS again to Emiko who through all hardships over the years has managed to finally graduate and move up in her studies by getting into a full offer grad dip course which will open up new opportunities in the future. I wanna thank you for picking me and letting me be part of your special day that day because I really did enjoy myself hehehehe....

Now, a BIG HURRAY !!! to those who are about to graduate, may your upcoming special day be happy and joyous, filled with lasting memories with friends and family. In the end, we all deserve it because we worked really hard for this day. To those still hard at work trying to get to that day, believe me it WILL come and you'll enjoy it even more because it's what we all look forward to.

On that note.... I'm out guys hhahahahaha Take care now.

Luv from ME

Monday, December 21, 2009

LAST Sasa haul for 2009

As promised I am going to share my LAST Sasa haul for 2009.... and I'm glad it came before Christmas... because yet again there was some delay with my package sigh~~~ I had literally forgotten I had ordered anything till I got the door knock one day hehehehe....

So let's get on with it:
First off... let's do the all important skincare :)

We all know that the lil pink box is full of cotton pads and were complimentary. Most importantly was this lil bag filled with DHC skincare products (sample sizes) Why?

This just seemed interesting to me...It's a bag full of skincare goodies for when you're staying the night out away from home and you can't take all your skincare with you. Say if you were to take a week away, on a road trip and staying over at hotels or at a friend's place this has everything you need to keep your skin looking great. What's inside?

I have to admit that I have only tried the DHC cleansing oil which I LOVE~~~ It was my HG makeup remover when I was still wearing heaps of makeup hahahaahah... I literally went through bottles of these. It cleans off every bit of makeup including waterproof stuff YAY!!! So according to the paper of instructions on how to use these products in order it goes a lil bit like the above pic hahahaahh...
You're probably wondering how many do you get of each sample in that one bag? Well... how thoughtful is this... there are 7 of each skincare sample which is probably meant to last you a week's worth of stay. Awesome!! Not to mention it's a great gift idea for a friend...very handy indeed :) Mind you I haven't even started using them coz I literally might give it away since I'm not into an intense skincare routine anymore.

Onto another fave of mine.... you know what they say... your eyes are the windows to your soul~~~ Hence your eyes should be the first point of attraction in some respect...What more can you do but to dress them up for extra added attraction points hahahahhaha... Here's what I got for the eyes:

List of the items:
  • Eyelash Extension Glamorous lashes
  • Pretty Eye Eyelash
  • Bi Joie Luxurious- Triple eyelash NEO (bottom lashes)
  • Beauty World Short eyelash
  • Beauty Eyelash in H21
  • Koji Eyelash fix in clear and black
  • Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara (black) I went a lil over board with the falsies~~~~ But I couldn't resist since I'm so into them these days... as in... collecting them hahahahaha... But I will eventually wear them plus I've never worn bottom lashes before and these look real natural :) HAPPY HAPPY!!! Plus a new mascara to try out Ooooo~~~ What'd you reckon a good LAST haul from Sasa? Or Absolutely outrageous? HAHAHAHA... Oh well what's done is done and my fave is the DHC pack, eyelash glues (heard they were real good) and the Lancome mascara.

That's all folks...I gotta get going now, other exciting news on my life to share as it happens (only a lil delayed with the sharing hhahahahahaha....). Take care of yourselves now.

Luv from ME

Sunday, December 20, 2009

For H.K. Fans + Me Pie Face

Alrighty as promised I'd try to get a few posts up before Christmas arrives heheheeh... But progress has been slow~~~ Will have to share my Sasa haul next time once I get the time... In the meantime, I headed out today, it wasn't like a great day (weather- wise) but a planned date with a long time friend was organised last minute and I just  had to meet her coz it's really been awhile... Don't we just love catch ups especially those which are spread apart for years...which means heaps to talk about hahhahhaaha...

Boy, did we go around the city and did heaps of shopping well my friend anyway.... I'm so proud of myself I bought NOTHING!!! hahaahahah WOOO~~~ One special thing my friend bought which I'd like to share with you all is her new HELLO KITTY mobile phone!!! She's a huge HK fan, I'm not so much but found it interesting that we would stock such an Asian exclusive model of a phone in Australia. Here's how it looks:

Ok so it's only available at Virgin Mobile as a prepaid phone priced at $149 AUD and is locked to only Virgin network unless you use up to $80 AUD credit then you'd be able to request to have it unlocked and change to another provider. Apparently, this is the most popular prepaid phone out in the market right now...and I have to admit it's cute if you're into HK hehehee... My friend was super excited to open it up and use it straight away (she's just crazy about it). Seriously, it's not bad for a prepaid phone as Sony Ericsson phones are really reliable and sturdy. Not only is the phone pink all over but when you turn it on the wallpaper is HK and everything about it just screams CUTE~~~ hahahaahah... Very worth it indeed.

Onto PIES~~~~ We had lunch at.......

Uh huh... it's PIE FACE!!!... this is down Swanston st and it's really a place for a quick lunch.... why is it special?

All their pies have faces on them.... hahahahahah.... We all know that in Australia meat pies are most popular but since I don't eat red meat my next option is a Chicken pie... which I loved... it had heaps of chicken chunks in it and tasted really well....chicken like hahahahaha.... Mind you, they have other stuff like baguettes, sweet pies and sandwiches. But it's gotta be about the PIES!!!

That's all I wanted to share today and will get onto that Sasa haul next (me promise) bleh~~~ My bad....

What do you think? Love/Hate the HK phone? What about pies... Do you love eating pies? To be honest, it should only be eaten once a while it ain't too healthy...unless you know there is heaps of vegetables in it... I should ask if they do vegie pies next time... Mmmmm~~~~~

Luv from ME

Thursday, December 17, 2009

EOTD: Black rimmed look... (subtle version)

Hey all!!! How's everyone doing? How exciting it's only one week till CHRISTMAS!!! Ok.. well for those who actually celebrates it or even if it's just a small family gathering it's still quite warming :) Now I've had a busy week and whatnot and it's only going to get worse after Christmas... I've got heaps of self studying piled up waiting for me to get that is my priority in the meantime. Hrmmm... if you're wondering how I'm going on my acne treatment's not too bad now. I think my body has been able to tolerate the higher dosage unlike before when I had an all body allergic reaction. Still baby steps though.... but there is an even higher dosage to escalate to... 3 CAPSULES!!! Yes..indeed.... Dear Lord, I hope this works out for the best hahahahahaha...

Anywhoo... enough about other stuff and onto what I have planned for this post. Uh huh, an EOTD look. I realised girls are pulling off really amazing heavy black rimmed eyeliner looks and I just love it!!! So I decided  to see if it would work on me and have my take on it, so here it is:

Now, I don't have big eyes so in order to pull a black rimmed eyeliner look was a little tough. A little too much black rimming and my eyes would have looked like slits~~~ The trick is to have it look dramatic when your eyes are opened and to have them look subtle (less makeup looking) when your eyes are closed or looking down. I barely wear eyeliner on my bottom waterline or when I did wear this look out one day... my sister said I looked kinda scary ahahahahhah BOO~~ for me.... But then I got compliments from a SA at David Jones and another friend called me punk. This is all because ppl know how little make up I wear usually.

You wanna know what's amazing... I realised the way you draw your eyeliner (on the top lashline) changes the shape of your eyes drastically!!! Here are the comparisons:

With NO wing at the end

WITH wing at the end
See how it just elongates my eyes just that little bit more. Plus the thicker eyeliner at the bottom gives a more edgy, intense look. What do you think? Love/Hate it?

Eye look on the face hhahahahahaa.... Yea I know what you're thinking... how can this be dramatic? Well... to me it is... and it is according to others around me... guess the camera can't really capture how intense it was for me in real life but yea....The thing is this is my take on it since it's what I think works for me (for the most part, I love keeping it subtle). In the future I'll try my best to do different looks. I really need to experiment more so I know what works for my eye shape and what doesn't. Keeping it up!!! heheheehe...

Okie dokie... that's it for this post (a real quickie). I will be sharing my last online Sasa haul for the year soon so stay tuned as it's mostly eye related stuff :) Hope you all have a great week leading up to Christmas and I'll definitely get some posts up before then Wooo~~~ Gosh... this time of the year is really exciting ain't it? hahahhahah.... Hope everyone's Christmas shopping is coming along nicely... thank goodness it's ain't a tradition in my family to exchange gifts HAHAHAAHAHA....

Luv from ME

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's go RED!!!

Quick update: Yes yes...I've been away again lately becoz I've had heaps of important appointments to attend just been running around here and there. Have you guys started your Christmas shopping? Well...I come from a tiny family and presents aren't a tradition for us phew~~~ But this year for church there is a Christmas gift giving service which I've decided to be part of and I still haven't found a present~~~ So I plan on doing that tmr hahahaaha after my lesson with a student in the city :) Should be fun... Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner now WOO!!!

Alright so what's this about going RED? Well, it's really a backtrack post of a look I wore on a day out in the city like.... couple of weeks ago~~~ (sorry for updating so damn late...) So here goes:

Nothing special... just to suit the vintage Lacoste RED cardi I had on, I thought I should give the Kevin's BeautyMaker Aqua smooth lipstick in Cherry another try...and actually wear it out!!!... Mind you, I've never worn red lipstick out but I was happy that it was of the sheer type so very wearable during the day...

A few more shots.... and... sorry about the mean looking facial expression......I'll never do it again ahahahhaah....
And that's all the red I wanted to share hahaahah... Like/hate it? Anyway, after that day I haven't  used the lipstick since... I found myself having to reapply heaps during the day because the lasting power was non existent in this product~~~~ such ashame......I prob only have half the lipstick left hahahahahaa since it felt like I was smearing it on bleh~~~~

On with some shots of our lovely city of Melbourne during that lovely sunny day (but forgot exactly when hahahaaha...)

Flinders st Station... the oldest station in Melbourne and is central to the city where all train lines run through. Isn't it just a sight? Love the old yellowish brick building, just classic :) Oh... and look there are RED stars hanging above the streets too hehehehe... perfect for my post theme haahahahaha

Federation Square just opposite to Flinders st station.... It's like an artwork played out in cubism...very unique and a very spacious area :)

The Yarra river with the beautiful ferry cruises for people waiting to discover Melbourne

Possibly the tallest building in Melbourne the Eureka Skydeck a building with 88 floors and an added feature of The Edge (basically a glass box which let's you see the view from under your feet...scary...). It's not as grand as some of the other viewing platforms around the world, but I have to admit that the view of Melbourne needs careful attention to notice it's beautiful sites particularly at night.

Headed off around the corner of Fed Square to Alexandra Gardens since it was just a lovely, bright day... It's green all over~~~ and the garden smell... really does seem like Spring but you have to be there to feel it hahahaahah...

I really do love going around the city whenever I get the time and noticing sites I've never really appreciated... and if you've lost the love  for your city maybe you should take the time out and rediscover its beauty and I guarantee you'll rekindle that admiration and amazement once again hehehehe... Question: What animal do you think Sunny and I are sitting on? It's a cute and all Australian marsupial....hehheehe...If you're from Melb, I'm sure it's obvious hahahaahaha...

Alright, so I got my latest Sasa haul like... an hour ago... and I have to admit it will be my last online purchase for the year...and I might start to do review posts when I get the time on certain products. In the meantime, I've got heaps of self study to do, preparations for Christmas, shopping for Christmas, reading up on others' blogs...(coz I'm so behind~~~), Summer clean up around the house and a whole long list of other stuff... Are you as busy heading into Christmas?

Luv from ME


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