Monday, December 21, 2009

LAST Sasa haul for 2009

As promised I am going to share my LAST Sasa haul for 2009.... and I'm glad it came before Christmas... because yet again there was some delay with my package sigh~~~ I had literally forgotten I had ordered anything till I got the door knock one day hehehehe....

So let's get on with it:
First off... let's do the all important skincare :)

We all know that the lil pink box is full of cotton pads and were complimentary. Most importantly was this lil bag filled with DHC skincare products (sample sizes) Why?

This just seemed interesting to me...It's a bag full of skincare goodies for when you're staying the night out away from home and you can't take all your skincare with you. Say if you were to take a week away, on a road trip and staying over at hotels or at a friend's place this has everything you need to keep your skin looking great. What's inside?

I have to admit that I have only tried the DHC cleansing oil which I LOVE~~~ It was my HG makeup remover when I was still wearing heaps of makeup hahahaahah... I literally went through bottles of these. It cleans off every bit of makeup including waterproof stuff YAY!!! So according to the paper of instructions on how to use these products in order it goes a lil bit like the above pic hahahaahh...
You're probably wondering how many do you get of each sample in that one bag? Well... how thoughtful is this... there are 7 of each skincare sample which is probably meant to last you a week's worth of stay. Awesome!! Not to mention it's a great gift idea for a friend...very handy indeed :) Mind you I haven't even started using them coz I literally might give it away since I'm not into an intense skincare routine anymore.

Onto another fave of mine.... you know what they say... your eyes are the windows to your soul~~~ Hence your eyes should be the first point of attraction in some respect...What more can you do but to dress them up for extra added attraction points hahahahhaha... Here's what I got for the eyes:

List of the items:
  • Eyelash Extension Glamorous lashes
  • Pretty Eye Eyelash
  • Bi Joie Luxurious- Triple eyelash NEO (bottom lashes)
  • Beauty World Short eyelash
  • Beauty Eyelash in H21
  • Koji Eyelash fix in clear and black
  • Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara (black) I went a lil over board with the falsies~~~~ But I couldn't resist since I'm so into them these days... as in... collecting them hahahahaha... But I will eventually wear them plus I've never worn bottom lashes before and these look real natural :) HAPPY HAPPY!!! Plus a new mascara to try out Ooooo~~~ What'd you reckon a good LAST haul from Sasa? Or Absolutely outrageous? HAHAHAHA... Oh well what's done is done and my fave is the DHC pack, eyelash glues (heard they were real good) and the Lancome mascara.

That's all folks...I gotta get going now, other exciting news on my life to share as it happens (only a lil delayed with the sharing hhahahahahaha....). Take care of yourselves now.

Luv from ME


amynaree said...

great haul from sasa! i love collecting falsies too but rarely wear them

I have like 3 orders from sasa that I have yet to receive

Blair said...

I think that's a fabulous falsies haul from sasa!!

Blovet Beauty said...

luv ur eye hauL! loving the falsies - top and bottom ones!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

gosh falsies are one of my fav items when i go out!! u can never buy too many of those!!! the last pic, the falsies look really thick but i lv it :D
LOL i totally did shove a few too many things in that small bag of mine, funny u pointed it out :D i think theres also a mt franklin in there too!

Zoe said...

Lovely haul, can u pls do a review on the Koji Eyelash fix in clear and black ?thanks so much..
maybe u should get some Bihada Dairies Facial Masks or My Beauty Diary Masks since almost every blogger gets them from Sasa^^

Tammy said...

So many eyelashes!!! Post some modeling pics soon :D


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