Saturday, December 5, 2009


OOoo~~ it's been awhile since I've shared anything cosmetic related and I have to be honest and just say... I'm in no condition to be wearing much makeup at all. Recently went for a checkup at my dermo and he has ordered me to increase my dosage of Oratane. This whole week I've been trying real hard to prevent myself from being in the sun or to break out in that awful rash I had earlier (complication from the meds). Maintenance is key to being on the acne treatment such as this....Unfortunately, the normal period on this treatment should be about 3months but because I've had troubles with's actually taking longer and I'm still developing acne so.....higher dosage is needed to make sure the oil glands are dried up right away...scary~~~~ More update as I go along with my battle.... so far... it's a struggle at times bleh~~~

On a happier note here's a NOTD I want to share :) Wooo~~~ Lovin' it!!!

This colour from O.P.I called Clubbing til Sunrise was carefully hand-picked by Akisa as she knows I'm very much into bright colours to dress up my nails (if you haven't already seen some of the Mod about Brights OPI colours I've worn in previous posts). I was looking for a nice orangie colour for the Summer season and this seemed to fit the description perfectly. It's very shimmery in colour... with fine orange coloured glitters and when the light hits your nails it turns out to be a beautiful copper, bronz-y colour. Although, it looks bright in colour when worn it's not too overpowering like some of the other colours I've worn (blues and greens) and can be a great colour also for the Autmn/Spring season. Love/Hate it? Would you try it?

Onto the EOTD:

So I was feeling fancy and decided to actually wear some falsies for the first time in a loooooooong~~~~ time...I actually feel like I'm collecting falsies more than I'm actually wearing them. But since I can't do much to my face... it's great to still be able to treat the eyes hahahahaaha... I know what you're thinking... how can this be a treat or how is this look interesting? really isn't anything special but I just wanted to share what I do wear nowadays (when  I'm bothered)...since I'm so plain these days~~~~

Here's what I used (damn simple):

  • Beauty Nailer Eyelash value pack in VP-4 from Japan
  • Revlon Colorstay crayon eyeliner in black
  • Bourjois Liner Feutre felt tip eyeliner in black
  • Majorlica Marjorca Lash expander frame plus mascara (forgot to put in the shot...)
Ummm.... THAT'S IT!!!
Almost all my falsies are criss-crossed in style because I love the volumised and natural look it gives...just great for wearing them during the day (if you're really bothered to do so everyday...). The pink lash glue tube is one of my faves let over from my Koji Maggie May eyelash box...comes out white and dries clear...super easy to use and non messy and real easy to remove :)

Closer look at these lovely lashes. So what do you think? Real easy right? yet,  it's enough  to transform your eyes haahhaahahaha... How often do you  wear falsies? When you're up for it? For special occassions only? And what type of lashes do you prefer?
That's about it for tonight... Nothing too overly special hahahahaah... but hey, I'm just happy I remember how to apply falsies ahahahahaha (it's seriously been awhile) and probably another long while before I feel like wearing them again, I just love collecting them hehehehee... Do you collect falsies but hardly wear them? hehehehe.... It's normal right???

Luv from ME


Zoe said...

Love ur nail color and EOTD,I amnot good at applying falsies, ifact I only tried to apply them twice,lol..

Anonymous said...

Love the orange nail polish!

amynaree said...

the nail color is so cute!! i wish i could wear falsies more often but i really suck at putting them on

Tammy said...

I like the falsies on you hehe since you didn't do any eye makeup it looks very natural on you :}

Style Seduction said...

Nail colour is lovely and very summer.

♥akisa♥ said...

Both the nail and lashes look great on you!! I'm loving my orange/gold polish from Estee Lauder too~~

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

I'm still a falsie virgin haha. Maybe I'll try some for new year's! Thanks for your comment. I'm going to put up an NOTD for You Don't know Jacques! very soon. :)

xSplendidStar said...

UINISAN!!!!! I missed yew! How you been? Sorry I haven't been around so I didn't get to comment as much T_T

Falsies look greattttttttt on you! Omg I want the ones you got, my ones have a glitter band on them so it's very unnatural. But just recently I finally tried them on again. The only time I worn them was for my prom. It took me 2 hours to put it on and it was very annoying. Not even a quarter way into the prom and they were falling apart! Wait for the worst thing....I didn't have the glue!!! So it was hanging! Ahh bad times. Though I have try putting them recently and I think I'm getting better at it! I want to buy the asian brand ones though. I believe they are better and have the criss cross designs which I love!

Also love your nails! Really pretty colour for summer in Australia. It's getting to winter here so we have to wrap up warm >_<

Hope you're okie ^^


Blovet Beauty said...

I love the bright orange on ur nails! Also, I think those lashes u have are great for daily use cause they are natural looking:) I wish u the best in ur acne treatment sweetie:)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

wow the falsies look really natural on you !! i thought it was extensions! thats how gd they look :) i find those criss cross ones alright on my eye, but i prefer a thicker type haha maybe i just wear too much makeup nowdays im used to more! :( hha hope skin gets better x

Lissy said...

I love your blog, its so helpful when trying to decide what products are worth getting! <3


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