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Vitamins and your skin

So here's the story: most now should be well aware that I'm currently battling acne in my 20s (shocking I know) and have been real keen on trying to get my skin looking great again. I realised that there have been more and more skincare products out there which claims to target certain skin problems as well as acting as a prevention treatment. Make up we all know only enhances your features but once that's taken off your skin condition can often tell stories about your lifestyle and you can't possibly cover that up.

One way of maintaining or attaining healthy, glowing skin is by using vitamin infused skin care products. But you have to understand and know your own skin condition well enough, to know which vitamins will attack those specific problems.
Without vitamins, your skin can only be described as being lifeless, uneven skin tone and purely dull. Your skin will also be prone to many external extremities and will find it hard to recover on its own due to the lack of vitamins. When taken internally through foods (fruits and vegie) vitamins don't only promote healthy skin but an overall healthy well being for women which keeps your day going.

Functions of vitamin complexes:
Vitamin A:
  • can help generate and strength protective tissue underneath the skin 
  • helps prevent acne
  • reduces the prevention of excess sebum (which causes acne)
  • helps with the maintenance and repair of tissue
  • great for improving fine lines and wrinkles
Vitamin B complex:
  • helps maintain a healthy even skin tone
  • great for relieving stress in the body
  • increases metabolism and circulation for healthy skin
  • can help fight acne
Vitamin C:
  • an antioxidant which helps in the healing process
  • helps to stabilize collagen
  • prevents the appearance of broken blood vessels on the skin
  • reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles
  • is great for relieving sunburns
Vitamin E:
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin
  • can help to smooth out scar tissue
  • great for moisturization
It's good to know about how vital vitamins are especially for women as it keeps us younger looking and healthy in the long run. Now onto what I'm really excited about... I recieved a few vitamin related skin care products to try let's share:

I know most are very familiar with Vitacreme B12 cream it has been raved about by a few gurus and I jumped on board once I realised that Shanghainese Dumpling was to be Vitacreme B12's AUS/NZ distributor Wooo~~~ If you want detailed review on this product please go to her blog and read up on it or even better contact her by finding out the details HERE. If you haven't tried it then ask her for some samples and she'll be happy to send you some...I received mine late last week, I got two mini tubes of the famous cream and 2 info/ facts sheets with detailing information about the benefits of the product.
It claims to:
  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as preventing them
  • hydrates and softens the skin
  • helps stimulates renewal skin cells
  • adds radiance to your skin
  • improves elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • can also smooth out old/new scars
First impressions: I had no idea this cream was pink in colour as you can see (above), it's a thick-ish very creamy texture but isn't hard to spread. Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of the smell its a lil too fragrant for me... very floral parfum-ish. Feels very moisturising on the skin and stay moist for quite some time which is real good for my dry skin... I will have to use up the samples to get a real feel of what this product can do for further opinions.

Next are these:

These were also recommended to me by the lovely and dear Akisa. We got talking about the Vitacreme B12 initially then she said that she had found something she enjoyed using which contained vitamin A. I instantly believed her that this was good enough to try because her skin was just flawless, clear and was very bright. So at the Kit Cosmetics counter in Myer I grabbed a few samples of the Effective Vitamin A cream and the AM/PM Hyaluronic Infusion both by pH Advantage.

Effective Vitamin A claims to:
  • reverse photo damage
  • correct uneven skin tone
  • increase elasticity in the skin
  •  helps keep the skin smooth and soft
  • can be applied to face and neck
First impression is that it's really light and you really don't need much of it and the skin is already moisturised (but apparently it can be drying on some people...don't know why?). The smell isn't as strong but somehow reminds me of Olay's scent haahahaha... but not too uncomfortable. Once on there is an instant smoothness to the skin which is amazing. Also prolonged use would give me a better idea of what it can do...still trying it out :)

AM/PM Hyaluronic Infusion claims to:
  • have 45% hyaluronic acid to help with moisturization
  • is to be used to assist other skin care regimes of any brands (to keep moisture locked in)
  • helps generate greater metabolic acitivity
  • holds water to the skin and within cells
  • improves overall health of the skin
Now the guy at the counter asked me what my skin type I was and I said that I'm terribly dry nowadays so to increase the efficiency of the vitamin A cream I should use this. As you can see it's a clear like serum gel and you only need a tiny bit applied to the most driest areas of your face to help lock in the water. This can be used during the day and the night. I don't know if I'm actually really dry or what? But my skin instantly soaked up the product but it doesn't mean it's dry afterwards it's actually quite moisturising for a longer period of time. And because it's so runny in texture it's not heavy after all other skin care routine already applied. You would honestly wake up with better looking skin which is well moisturised, very impressed! Once again because these are only samples I'll have to use it up and see how it goes later on. But one thing is for sure, and that is that this product really does help with moisturization on people who are really dry or work in dry areas (office buildings).

For more info on pH Advantage's line of skin care products Click Here for their official website.

Ok hope this helps with some facts on how important it is to take care of your skin and how it can be maintained with vitamins. Have you tried any vitamin skin care products or do you take multi-vitamins? And how is it working out for you?

Luv from ME


Tammy said...

hmm I have a vitacreme b12 sample maybe I should try it now hehe

♥akisa♥ said...

Haha I was thinkig of doing this post but no time these days so I'm glad you did! I hope the ph advantage cream works for you. I'm loving the serum too!! Your skin is radiant too, if not Better than mine!! Pity about the medication though...

Uinisan said...

@Tammy: it should be fine for you to use now since it's cold over there so the richness of the cream may help with the dryness :)

@Akisa: I'm so happy with the pH Advantage products so far... and even though I'm on meds I reckon it's not too bad to try out the samples since it's only a minimal amount. But I realised the serum is heaps good for me in terms of locking in the moisture. I'm glad we both got it to try out :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Great post and reviews! Figuring out the different functions of each vitamin can be confusing. Thanks for explaining each one. :)

Blovet Beauty said...

wow! I am super interested in Vitamin A tat u posted about cause agree that Akisa has amazing skin and I never dared asked but since u mentioned it, this VIt A cream must be pretty effective.. pls do a review on it after a longer term use dear?

Sandra said...

Good to know:)

Blair said...

Dang, I want to get my hands on Vitacreme B12 and the Vitamin A lotion too! I've heard so much raves on Vitacreme B12 and consider me sold if the vit A lotion can get my skin looking like akisa's!

Zoe said...

Thanks so much for these reviews, I always wanted to try Vitacreme B12 ever since Ena mentioned about them and I agree Akisa has a great skin so now I really want to try the vitamin A lotion too^^;

Eva said...

wow! very informative thanks for sharing! i wanna get my hands on that vitamin a lotion now.


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