Friday, November 6, 2009

Sasa...u're finally here~~~

WOO!!! Got my package yesterday!!! So I was in need of new mascara recently and headed on for the first time and decided to purchase my favourite masacara (it's so cheap on sasa). I didn't purchase much from the site but was very happy with my mini haul... in part for me and in part for my sister :) Here's what I got:

So my package came like in 3weeks... and I've been waiting heaps long for it... but can't complain since it was a standard shipment. But now that it's here I'm super HAPPY ahahahaha

- Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara (waterproof): I bought 2 of these 1 for me and 1 for my sis, we both LOVE this mascara

- Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus: I wanted to try something new and I've tried the old ones before and this has a special two sided comb

- Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner: Stocking up on another one heheheehe

- Beauty Maker Love Pu Pu Cheek (orange): I don't own an orange blush but thought I should try it for the new Spring/Summer season... to brighten the day looks :)

- Dariya Maegami Fringe holder in black: I have the pink one but it's time for new ones haahahaha... I gave one to my sister

- A mini box of Sasa cotton pads (which was the complimentary gift I chose)

Alright tha'ts all I got really... nothing special nothing you probably haven't read or seen so yea... Anywhoo~~~ I just wanted to share coz I was a lil excited when I finally recieved them :) Looking forward to using more of that new orange blush...I'll do a comparison to the usual pink rosie cheeks I love...and see which suits me better (not everyone can pull off orange I suppose, fingers crossed).

I haven't completely disappeared guys... just been a lil busy with this and that so just be patient with me... Thanks to the continual support from new followers who jumped on board to read my posts. I really appreciate it. Not sure when I'll actually have time for regular posts but I'll do my best I swear :) Take care all.

Just so you don't forget my face... but then again... it's all over the banner HAHAHAHAHAAH.... I took these before I went to the dance production (last post), and bottom pics are of me when I got home that into comfy clothes and hopped online straight away before hitting the showers hahaahaha... my usual routine when I get home.

Anyone up for yakiniku and chocolate delights? (upcoming post)

Luv from ME


Yumeko said...

whee for haul! and yes always need backups and spares heeheee

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am always up for chocolate delights! :) Great Sasa haul, babe.

Blair said...

Your haul isn't mini at all! Loves it! Have you reviewed HR's mascara?

With Love, Elle said...

finally u got the hair velcro thing!!! welcome to the club! i jes cant live w/o them hehe

oo another sasa free shipping code with paypal! code: PaypalAU2009
my turn to stock up!

xoxo elle

xSplendidStar said...

OMG!!! I loveeeeeee your haul!!! I was thinking of purchasing that PuPu blush but I still cannot make up my mind on the colour T_T I need more blushes, I want to own at least 5 but atm I only have 1!!! LOOOOOOOL and I've hit the pan on it lol, had it for about 3 or more years now O_O I know, long time right? LOL I need blusher like badly!!! Ohh and lippies too hehe XD

Hope you're all okie ^.^~

Uinisan said...

@yumeko: yep backups are so necessary especially when you find products that just works on you :)

@shop n' chomp: coming right up I swear hahahhaa

@Blair: you want a review on the HR mascaras.... YOU GOT IT.. (right into my to do list heheheeh). Especially for u :)

@elle: yep got my hands on the velcro hair things like ages ago... so my pink ones are wearing out... thought it's time for new ones hahhahah that's how often I wear them at home...even forget to take it off when I go grocery shopping, once I realise it I just crack up at myself (ppl might be thinking what's that on ur head???) LOL.

@Linh: I have a few blushes of my own from different brands and I have to admit that this pu pu one could be the most inexpensive I've got so far heheeheh... So if you want you can just purchase both pink and orange if you can't decide. I have heaps of different pinks so orange was outside of the box for me hahaahahha... I'll let u know what I think about it soon :)

eki said...

what a nice haul! all great items you got <3

Beauty Snap said...

Great haul!! You should review that HR mascara :) How I love Sasa...

Blovet Beauty said...

very cute haul!! could u review the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara when u have the time... and the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner too( since u are stocking up, it's gotta be gd ya?) Thks!

The Owl's Closet said...

looks like a great haul u got there:) i was looking at ur side panel and i agree, i love the kiehl's ultra facial cream! i love kiehl's period:)


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