Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great giveaway from ELLE

Alright so I'm totally busy with my life right now and should be mising in action but I couldn't resist entering myself into this giveaway.

It's fellow Australian Elle who is scoring a giveaway for hitting 50 followers... CONGRATS, I know it will take me  awhile to get to that number myself since life gets in the way of sharing stuff online on a regular basis. So she's done well :) CLICK HERE to check out this great giveaway coz it's full of goodies...(oh and for the rules).



Tempted? Then go and check it out and enter for goodness sake... Her blog is a great read into the stuff she enjoys using not to mention the beautiful layout... just awesome... Elle and Akisa really have given me great support (as fellow Aussies) once I started my own blog and for that I'm totally grateful and would try my best to support them in return (even in the smallest ways). So go and follow With Love, Elle  about her 1st giveaway or just to say hi :)

My answer to her giveaway question: A beauty junkie means you are weak to the urges and temptations from all other beauty bloggers going on and on about all the new makeup and skincare available. It also means you're a follower of all pretty things in life which makes you happy by just owning them.



Blair said...

All the best! :)

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Hey girl, I've nominated you for a lovely blogger award, so please come by and check it out! Thanks!



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