Thursday, November 19, 2009

EOTD: Spring time goldlights

Hey all,
Hope you're all doing well... Just wanted to share a quick EOTD however, it was an eye makeup look from yesterday but since I got home real late I couldn't post about it. This look was NOT done by me but by my favourite SA at Shu Uemura in David Jones...I had a little time waiting for friends to show up so I headed over there to grab some tips on a Spring makeup look for the eyes (since I can't do makeup on the entire face). So here it is:

So I wanted a bright and neutral look for Spring and she was able to pull off using orange (matte eyeshadow), shimmery gold and a metalic brown along with a dark brown gel eyeliner. The same colours were brought down to my undereye area where orange lined my inner half and gold along the rest of the undereye with a lil bit of brown on the outside corner of my undereye area. None of the colours were too harsh or stood out too much on their own, which I just love.

I only did my eyes at Shu Uemura and left the face on it's was soooo hot yesterday and since I can't apply makeup on my face, I only had moisturiser and sunscreen on...(thank goodness for those protective layers hhahhaahaha).

Yep that's how it looks like...and was a look I was wearing all day. I have to admit I have never worn orange eyeshadow before was a lil worried about how it would turn out but I'm totally loving it. I didn't get the orange eyeshadow but did get some other things (I will share on later posts).

What do you think? Spring like? Love it or hate it? Mind you, I don't have big eyes and no obvious double eye lids either (my double eyelids folds inwards as I open my eyes) so to pull off any great eye makeup look seems so impossible sometimes... but I'm very happy with terms of recreating it... gosh~~ I just ain't that confident in my shitty make up skills since I hardly wear makeup now.... (skill levels diminishing...would even poke myself in the eye when doing the eyeliner nowadays LOL). But it totally added colour to my bare face that day hehehehe...

Anyhoo~~~ I'm off now, hope you enjoyed the look... ARGH!!! It's so darn hot here~~~ Not a fan of the hot seasons that's for sure.

P.S. so sorry about the bad quality of the EOTD photos because it was already late at night bearly any natural light to been seen ahahahahah.... did my best to capture the colourful look :)

Luv from ME


Yumeko said...

not enough ppl apreciate orange eyeshadow i feel XD i have my HG from missha and i gifted Angie519 with one and now she likes it too XD!!

♥akisa♥ said...

love orange and gold eyeshadow!! I have been wearing that look to work before the weather got hot!

Blovet Beauty said...

I never know how to wear orange to be honest cause my eyes look funny with it.. but I think u carry it off really well! pretty FOTD!

Shop N' Chomp said...

You pulled it off nicely. Me? I'd look part Oompa Loompa.


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