Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting on 2009

Wow!!! Can you believe it? It's already the end of the year....Boy does time fly by or what? So this will be my final post for the year of 2009... and it will be a reflection of what I've been through and where it's taking me... Let's start:

Big Events this year:
  • My graduation from uni back in March
  • Assigned myself to a TESOL course
  • Attended CAE to learn Korean (level 1 only hahhahaha)
  • Started blogging on Xanga on the 7th of July
  • Transferred my blogging to Blogger on the 21st of September
  • Being able to gain experience through heaps of interviews and assessments at big corporate companies (but never landing the job hahahahaha)
  •  Actively attending Sunday church when I can (more so than last year when I was a lil lazy and busy)
  • Started to teach and do private tutoring in English to international students
  • Watching my friends graduate after me (YAY!!!)
Makeup wise:
  • Actively started to watch Youtube videos and came across all these wonderful gurus and their blogs
  • Gaining tips off people on how to apply makeup from all over the globe
  • Had a desire to learn more and therefore purchase more cosmetics
  • My collection of cosmetics has definitely grown this year alone
  • Ventured into Japanese and high end brands (scary~~~)
  • Realised that I love using lipsticks now when I've never used it before (so delayed~~)
Skincare wise:
  • Began the year with the whole intense skincare routine specifically for day and night
  • Developed painful and terrible acne (which only got worse) which meant I started to try all sorts of topical treatments
  • Started to take Oratane which meant my skincare only now consists of cleansing, moisturising and sunscreening for the day
  • Tried the inexpensive brands of skincare for the first time (coz I have to) which is just perfect for sensitive skin
Why I started blogging?
To be honest.... I started blogging on Xanga in the middle of the year because I was just bored. The first half of the year was very busy for me in terms of all the short courses I've committed myself to. Then when that was all over and done with I just didn't know what to do with myself. I would watch all these great Youtube videos and wanted to share a lil about what I know (even in the smallest way). I learnt all the basics in Xanga and realised that most beauty bloggers were either using Blogger or Wordpress so I just  had to give it a try. My momentum with blogging is slow but gradually getting there...As long as I have just ONE devoted reader I think I'll still be pushing on with my blogging (when I get the time of course heheeheh).

What I like about blogging?
I really loved reading everybody's blogs back then...I was a reader of everyone's blog I came across for months before I decided to start up my own. I love blogging and the blogging community because of all the support there is out there for each other. I love how we are all unique in our own way, leading our own lives in reality, but yet still have the same interests and topic of conversation. I particularly love knowing what goes on half way across the world through ppl blogging about their experiences as it happens. In all honesty, once I started to gain momentum... this whole blogging business can sometimes get a lil hard and draining for me...But I always get over it, and realise that there are ppl out there who wants to know more about Melbourne and who are going through the same problems as me (acne in your 20s) amongst other things hahahahah....

I wanna thank all those who have been reading and following for that last 4 months of journey in Blogger, even those who are just stopping by. I appreciate each and every comment I receive and feel supported by your words. Before blogging I was totally self concious and miserable about my acne (when I never had it in my teens) however, once I shared my experience as I'm going along with my treatment I have noticed the difference and the touching comments about my transformation. Then I knew that I shouldn't be so down since you're bound to get acne at some stage of your life (unless you're lucky and have great genetics hahaahah). So thanks to everyone who constantly leaves comments on my posts and for cheering me up :) Yep, I'm talking to you *Uinisan pointing at ya*

A glimpse of ME throughout the year:

Please don't mind the watermarking all over hahhahahaa  and then.... there is a lil more of ME below:

So I started off with terrible skin as you can see and over the year I've been able to get it looking decent again hahahaahah... phew~~~ Looking at old photos of myself, I can just feel the pain on my chin, mouth area, jawline and cheeks again~~~ Dearie me... it's definitely been a long process of getting it right and I'm still on the meds ppl... will definitely let you all know when I come off them (my next dermo app is in Feb).

What I need to do heading into 2010?
  • Finish off my self studies I have prepared for myself
  • Lose some weight (My doctors warns me about this all the time sighZ~~~)
  • Find a job (easier said than done hahahahaha)
  • Live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my weak body
  • Save money (also very difficult to do...and there is so much I wanna get)
  • Get my hair done at the salon dye and cut (I'm so overdue for that...major regrowth problem)
  • There is something else I'll be doing heading into the New Year but I'll announce that once I've confirmed it all (be patient heheheeh)
In the meantime, let's be kinder to ourselves and take good care of ourselves while looking out for others as 2010 is a new fresh start!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!

Luv from ME


Zoe said...

Those are cute pictures of u^^

This (My collection of cosmetics has definitely grown this year alone )and Save money (also very difficult to do...and there is so much I wanna get)is exactly me,lol...

Good luck to u for 2010 and Happy New Year..and I wonder what is the last thing that u are heading to , be sure to tell us when it's confirmed^^..

Blair said...

Eeeek, I'm the same as you makeup wise! My collection increased so much in just a few months!

Yeah I am eying a few items from my spring 2010 post but I'm not sure I'm getting which yet. *bad! I shouldn't get anything!*

amynaree said...

the picture collage is such a cool and creative idea! i think i had an idea like that once where i wanted to take a picture of the different outfits i wear everyday but then i got lazy lol!

i'm glad you came on to blogger or else we wouldn't of met!

yeah there's too many good sales going on, i keep getting emails extra this extra that...ahhh just hit up a big mall cuz every shop seems to have some sort of sale!

Tammy said...

You're so skinny already why would your doctors tell you that you need to lose weight???? lol you're silly...

I'm with you on a lot of your points! I'm also just recently blogging this year and so my makeup collection has grown EXPONENTIALLY from this last HALF year alone haha I also started wearing a lot more lipstick, but sometimes it's hard to for me because it's so cold here that my lips are often peeling haha so lucky you're in Melbourne!!!

With Love, Elle said...

i totally agreed wif ya on the support everyone gets from bloggers! as i also jes started my blog this year, its just great learning so many things from all u unique gals! my makeup collection have grown too! >.<

happy 2010 NY! xoxo elle

xSplendidStar said...

Aww that was a really nice read! We're very similar!!! As you know I also started on xanga and back then I didn't even understand it all, I can't believe I started blogging since 2004 and I was what back then? 12? LOOOOOOL what did I know, might post about it sometime in the future if I have the confidence to!

I also got into using lipsticks now! I feel like they're less hassling since the hair doesn't stick to your lips like lipgloss does & also it looks more natural (depending on what colour and texture you buy)!

I'm opposite to you buying higher end brands LOOOL coz I use to buy those but then I was into cheaper make-up! Now I decided that I am going to do a mixture of two coz I realised that not all cheap and expensive stuff are good, but a mixture of those! After all they do have their pros and cons :D

I had terrible acne too, all coz I drank far too much milk T___T but that was last year. I still get some break outs but not major ones. I am really happy for you that your skin has significantly improved! Nothing feels better than seeing a clear skin ^__^

Happy New Year to you too! & I am so glad I got to meet someone like you! Hope that this year we'll get to know each other even better XD~

Ohh and I feel an urge to know what is it that you doing something else this new year? Hehe ^.~ hopefully you won't keep up waiting long :)


freshelle said...

great post! it's always nice to reflect on the past yr during this time of year. im definitely a devoted reader so you should keep on bloggin!! && super cute collage to document your changes over the last yr.

happy new yrs!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Okay, we will try to be patient! ;) The collage is so cool. I loved it! What an awesome post!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy New Year, hun! I wish you heaps of happiness for 2010 too! *hugs*

Seah said...

Happy new year =) I enjoyed reading the post. I also have to save some money cuz iam getting married in July (omg I know it's kinda scary hehe). glad to hear that you started studying Korean. My fiance's been trying to learn some Korean but he's real lazy so we will see =)
Ohhhh i have to study English as well... hahah anyway wat is your nationality? just wondering
Hope you had an awesome weekend xxx

Yumeko said...

Happy new year 2010!!

Seah said...

Hehehe thanks for visiting my blog =)
Hey do you know any good hairdresser? I HAVE to get my hair done(colour and a hair cut) but i got no idea where to go =(
I tried many hair salon but was a bit disappointed. grrr

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I have given you an award on my blog.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love your picture collections :) very cute!!! :)

Why does your doctor warn you about loosing weight i think you look perfect in size


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