Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rainy days in Spring

Sorry haven't been blogging coz I've been a lil busy doing stuff here and I'm way too tired by the time I get home and get ready for bed... So this post will be a quick one just so I keep the ball rolling hahhaahah...Ok so I said I would talk about my skincare and makeup routine (updated one) but I just  haven't got the time yet... Will do it once I'm free with all the current products I'm using right now.

In the meantime, I don't know what to say but the weather in Melbourne has been real shitty for Spring. And it's such gloomy days that really gets me tired and in a bad mood (grrr...).

Check it out... took these literally moments ago in the car while I was out (on my mobile)... and yep it's pouring cats and dogs~~~ I mean we so need the rain coz of water restrictions throughout Australia but man this is too much hahahahahaha... But it'll be raining for awhile yet so let's hope it brightens soon....

On another note, following on from my Mod about Brights O.P.I nail polishes I wanted to also share my new polish from that range which I've been dying to get my hands on.... Introducing....

Mod about brights DATING A ROYAL.
It's a great pastel navy blue colour which shows up darker when you're indoors and brightens up to a very well.. blue colour... with a nice sheen. Really does look great doesn't it?

What made me want this colour more was coz of her....

This is Elva Hsaio a Taiwanese singer and this Dating a Royal colour is her fave... and I happened to stable across these pics and I'm glad I own it now coz it looks great on her...

Here's the whole range of 6 colours from Mod about Brights

So far I've gotten my hands on Dating a Royal, Green-wich village and That's Hot! Pink (which I'll share in detail when I decide to wear it next). If you're not afraid of colour and you're allowed to wear these cool funky colours GO FOR IT!!!! I always get complimented on the colour of my nails... that's probably coz ppl didn't think you can actually wear these casually without looking too crazy about colours ahahahahaa... Alright... gotta go now... Promise of more posts soon... probably some more short random stuff I'd like to share along the way.

Till next time. Take care all.


xSplendidStar said...

That colour is gorgeous!!! Omg I want it now ^.^ hehe though I am sporting au naturale nails for now since I'm too lazy to put any polish on and I only own 3 colours! Hehe thanks for the comment on my blog hehe yeah the powder is great! Should try it too!


Yumeko said...

totally random but did u know elva hsiao went to foundation school in swinburne melbourne?
my friend was in her class XD


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