Thursday, October 1, 2009

New buys & My 1st giveaway entry....

Okie dokie...before I forget I thought I'd better do a quick post on just some of the things I bought on the day I went out to watch Haeundae. So I was to meet the girls at 12pm at Melbourne Central but I had woken up early and headed out with my parents, which meant I was able to be dropped off in the city (YAY!!! for free rides instead of taking public transport).

If you're from Melbourne you would have come across this popular clock aside from the clocks at Flinders st station heheehehe... Well now that Melbourne Central has been revamped, they managed to keep this old clock working and held at the same spot back in the days when Daimaru was around....Gosh~~ seems so long ago~~~ So as I was waiting for the girls to arrive the clock suddenly went off at 12 on the dot. And no surprises that it was playing the sweet melody of Waltzing Matilda hahaahaha... A song so true to the Aussie culture (named the second national Anthem heheehe). So the huge pocket watch opens up at the bottom as the music starts playing...something I've seen since I was a kid everytime I come back to the this place (but I haven't been fortunate enough to hear it go off in ages till now....).

So onto what I was able to purchase quickly with the extra hour I was in the city while being all by myself.

So I've been craving to get my hands on some new O.P.I nail polishes for the new Spring season and headed off to Petra (a place that sells heaps of hair products) to see what I liked. I came away with two new colours a hot pink and a green which I will go in more detail about once I've tried them on and compare the pink to my current Elephantastic Pink! Next I've also been meaning to buy something for my dry cuticles (which are shocking~~~) and while walking through DJ (David Jones) I came across this Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. Which I suddenly remembered appearing on Akisa's blog as far I've tried it once and it does do the immediate rescue for your cuticles...I just have to use it for longer to see if my cuticles can now soften up.

I also bumped into my favourite SA at the Shu Uemura counter and was able to chat to her for awhile (coz it was way too early for any business) and she gave me heaps of samples for this new line which has come out called the red:juvenus. Now it's said to be helpful as an age prevention skincare range that takes away the dullness in the skin, prevents fine lines and loss of elasticity, hence promoting younger looking youthful skin for the bottom up. Sounds great right? Well it is... coz it has ingredients which have been known to help brighten your complextion...these include amalaki, pomegranate, lycopene capsule x2 check out Shu Uemura website 

Just one lil thing I bought when I was out with the girls after our movie session. We dropped by my favourite Peter Alexander store...I wasn't meant to get anything but in the end I did~~~

Yep... these are what I like to call BUMMY PANTS... coz the bottom area of the pants are just so low and mind you it's terribly comfortable to wear (it says it's for sleep and casual day wear)... So it's like two garments in one really~~~ (that's my justification for getting it...wear it in bed and out at the stores hahaahah). Wanna see it on?

Me trying to do the splits to get the pants to open up~~~

Don't mind the messed up hair coz I literally just stepped outta the shower and wanted to take some photos of my new pants on...definitely what I was wearing to bed that night... SOOO COMFY~~~

Alright that's that end of what I wanted to update on... now onto some EXCITING stuff... I've decided to enter into my 1st ever giveaways... I have to be one of the newest members to Blogger and also to most of the ppl who have been running their blogs for ages now. But no better way to get stuck into it like entering into Shanghainese Dumpling's giveaway.... Check it out and enter now coz it ends 10/10!!!

I'm loving the prizes especially the Vitacreme B12 cream...coz yea... I've heard all the raves about it... So maybe I  have a chance??? ahahahahahaa

Alright... I better be off now coz it's getting late...updates later till then... bai


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hey Unisan, thank you so much for entering into my give away and that's your first one OMG OMG :) hehe Good Luck!!


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