Friday, October 16, 2009

It's KARMA~~~

So here's the thing... I think I've always been a person who keeps people waiting for me... In terms of meeting up with friends and heading out I've always been the one that's late. Now, I'm a puntual person when it comes to important appointments but never seemed to make it on time when meeting up with others. This probably topped its worse back in high school when I kept one of my friend waiting for me for hrs... on the day of her birthday as I was the only one willing to celebrate it with her (I overslept~~~). I've been getting complaints from friends here and there over years about my constant lateness turning up to stuff... Yep, and you bet I started to feel awfully guilty....

Now the tables have turned... I'm now the one who is doing all the waiting like long waiting. IT'S TOTALLY KARMA... been doing it for years previously and now it's my turn hahahahaaha... I like to be punctual now and know the importance of doing so but sometimes it can't be helped if others are late either way I'll just have to wait. But just the past weekend I was suppose to meet up with a friend after church. Guess the timing just wasn't right, when I finished up at my church, my friend had just started his church service somewhere else... So I waited in the city for like AGES!!! So I took the chance to do a bit of walking around and shopping... thought I'd share a lil piece of Melbourne here

The Melbourne town hall... it was such a nice afternoon that Sunday sighZ~~~~~

The famous Bourke st with heaps of shopping to offer...

On Bourke st the famous GPO building which houses all of the most expensive fashion brands (I couldn't afford to go in there haahahahah)

Just one of the small old arcades which has stores inside that sells collectables and interesting stuff, along with cafes you can sit in and enjoy...

What's great about Sunday is the weekend atmosphere in the city and it was these guys that makes it  fun and interesting....

Would have been a real cute photo if only my damn finger wasn't in the way~~~ didn't notice it since I was using my phone bleh~~~

Yep, it's the buskers or street performers that brings the streets alive here providing great entertainment for passerbyers...I enjoyed them for sure...

After walking around for so long and coz I kept shopping... I thought I better stop (which I may share next time) and decided to go to my fave new cafe (Emily's Place) in Melbourne Central and sit out the rest of my wait... They serve the best chai lattes at this place and I'm quite a regular these days, especially when I'm bored and waiting for people...I always manage to squeeze in one cup over some reading and week planning hahaahaha

By the time you know it... it was early evening and then my friend finally rocks up... and since my sister was getting off work soon... We decided to wait for her before we went out for any eating and drinking (since we were in the area). My sis worked till closing time so I was practically waiting for quite some hours...but I got to spend time on my own which was lovely and no I didn't get mad at him (I'm just too nice of a person haahhahaahaha)...

So we immediately went out to eat as my sis and I were hungry as~~~After an early dinner we headed over to a bar called CHO GAO for some drinks... Well they drank and I had OJ heheheehe. Above is my beautiful sister Sylvia and weird looking Chucky haahahahaah... We really enjoyed ourselves chatting about all sorts of stuff and catching up since we haven't all hung out like this for a couple of months. Catch up sessions are great but hard to do when everyone's schedules are so busy these days... Gotta cherish it when it does happen I suppose.

Ok well that's all I wanted to share today... will do an upcoming post on my skincare routine and current skin condition (which has been long awaited I know~~~ but it's coming... but it ain't anything special).

P.S. Keep in mind if you make others wait for you and it's become your habit... you better change it coz like me ... Karma has finally caught up to me and it's like a 360degree turn around now... Totally feeling how others might have felt years ago. Be punctual at whatever you do and know that it'll be appreciated hehehehe... that's my personal advice (since I have heaps of bad habits bleh~~ this is one of them).

Till next time & take care.


Kalmo said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog, you have such a nice one, I'm following it now. :) Thanks for sharing these awesome Mel. pictures, so lovely.

As for the blush, I do like the Pu Pu Love Blushes. I have both. The pigmentation and the amount of product you get is good for the price; however if I use a skunk brush then the orange blush does not really show up on my skin as I am quite tan. You look lighter than me so maybe you won't have the same problem? If I use a regular fluffy angled brush though and swirl it a bit, then the color shows up nicely on my skin tone. The orange looks really natural on me and takes on a burnt red tint later in the day. I really like the look! aaand if you don't like the color, you can always mix/layer your blushes. :) The color almost lasts all day on my oily skin, very nice. The pink one is very bright in the pan but looks great once on as well.

Sorry for the long comment, hope that answers your questions.

Toothfairynotes said...

I'd love to go to aus. someday! Boyfriend has lived there for about a year or so... in Melbourne actually! I'd love to see the place... must be really nice!



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