Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick Blovet Beauty's giveaway mention

Alright this is a real quickie becoz I was happily surfing the internet and came across Blovet Beauty's 100th follower giveaway WOO HOO~~~~ CONGRATS TO HER...She's done so well for only being on blogger for 3months... Whereas for me... I'm still practically relatively NEW so I can't complain, it might take me ages to do the same amount as her in 3months hahahhahaha (life gets in the way bleh~~~).

So anyway all who are her followers or want to follow her .... I highly recommend you check out her blog by clicking here. She's offering so much in her giveaway to show her love for this online community and supporters and I totally appreciate her on a great gesture. She's such a sweetie and pretty of course : )

Here are the prizes and the things you'll need to do to enter this giveaway... first and foremost go and be her follower already...It's such a great read and totally loving and sensing her passion for makeup (amongst all other makeup fanatics here hahahaaha).

Alrighty I've done my part now and fingers crossed I win hahaahaha... probably not coz I have such bad luck BUT I just love entering hehehehe

Luv from Me


Blovet Beauty said...

omg, Uinisan, u are so so sweet. I love ur support!!! Its really touching to be a supportive community of beauty lovers who have so much to contribute towards one another. I blog because of my passion but I love to blog because of readers like you. thank you sweetie from the bottom of my heart and cross my fingers for u!


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