Monday, September 21, 2009

My NEW Blog!!!

Hey ppl,  So I've been reading heaps of blogs while I'm free and not really doing much and realised most of the best blogs are on blogger so I decided to head one up too. Now I do have another blog which is on Xanga which doesn't seem to do much for me nowadays but if you would like to visit just click here. You'll probably find that the concept is pretty much the same hehehhehe...

 I don't know if I'll be starting from the beginning in terms of moving some stuff I've done on Xanga over to this new blogspot of mine...But I'll consider the meantime check it out for past posts on my daily life ahahahahaha... I hope I won't be feeling like I need to change to another blog site anytime soon... I'm not internet savvy and it seriously takes me ages to get the hold of certain sites. But I hope you all enjoy following me and my lil adventures as I go along.

P.S. This was just a quick hello and to check out how all this works hahhahahha (pretty cool I must say...)

Till next time.



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