Thursday, September 24, 2009


So it's not only the new Spring season but it's also the season to eat MOONCAKES...Yep, the mooncake festival is here and it's during this time of the year in the Chinese Luna calender that we love best (sorta a tradition to eat mooncakes every year heheeh). I have to be honest that I have no idea why the Asian ppl celebrate this particular season with mooncakes coz I just go by what my parents say. I never even remember when the time comes to go out and purchase the mooncakes. But apparently, families and friends will get together and eat mooncakes while admiring the mid-Autumn's bright moon in the sky... a pretty sight really....

A little of what my family got... mind you there are so many different varieties of mooncakes and I think the makers in Hong Kong just keep coming up with new ideas for fillings that are attractive to the young ppl.

I absolutely hate the traditional ones with the duck egg yolks inside...I've always hated it...
This is my favourite!!! Coz I just love the white lotus paste and I can never get enough of it
Ok this is one I never tried in the past... This is known as the SNOWY mooncakes. And it's kinda like eating Japanese Mochi with a gooey outer skin. These ones have to be kept in the fridge and eaten cold (hence.. snowy~~~). These were the new inventions for the young ppl. This particular one is called the strawberry crunch (strawberry jam in the middle, lil choc biscuits bits creating the crunch, and some bean paste). They have so many other flavours like pineapple crunch, green tea, yam (taro), mango & macademia nuts, chestnuts, green tea & red bean.... and it goes on.... These are definitely different than the traditional ones but very interesting....

Alright so a lil update on my lil allergy problem...I have to say that I'm getting heaps better now and tmr is when I go and find out my biopsy results. So I'm getting better and much happier that I can go out soon ahahahaha... Last night my sis and I went grocery shopping and decided to make a pasta bake which will be her lunch for work tmr.... Although I'll be making the bake myself....

It's so simple~~~ Here are the ingredients:
-Shredded BBQ chicken
-Penne pasta
-Sliced mushrooms
-Cherry tomatoes
-Spinach leaves
-Grated tasty cheese
-Pesto paste
-Light and creamy evaporated milk

This is definitely great for the lunch box and also for dinner.... It's real cheap to make as well... So I hope my sister loves it when she gets home from work coz she says she'll have some.... pesto tastes so great....
Now what do I normally do when I'm resting or recovering at home... well besides going online and watch TV... I've been helping some friends out with some uni work and then I also relax with a cuppa and reading mags....

Gen Mai Cha Sencha (what a mouth full)...From T2 (tea two)

Best magz to read are Russh and Frankie not to mention they are the inexpensive magz on fashion and stuff... I love reading the articles and interviews with international models...not to mention great fashion and makeup tips (keeping up with the trends I guess is quite important even if I can't afford it all~~~ hehhehee)....

What else would I also do when I'm bored???


yepp... I paint my nails and make them look pretty~~~ hehehe... I have on right now O.P.I's Elephantastic Pink and it's a great looking neon, bright pink... I love it and is the best colour for Spring right now... especially when you need to brighten up the plain boring nails, which I had previously. Ain't it great?

Well that's all the update I have right now... From this I'm sure you've noticed I've done nothing but stay at home and eat, sleep and rest hahaahahah but I guess you can't help it sometimes when you are suddenly hit down with something... But I'm looking forward to heading out again and catching some rays of sunshine!!!! Alright that's it for me now... gonna go off and do some work now... (marketing work that is....~~~)

Till next time. Take care.



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