Monday, September 21, 2009

And so the ordeal goes on...

Ok if you don't know what ordeal I'm talking about I highly recommend you click here and visit my old blog and do a lil catching up... Then you'll fully understand the amount of frustration I'm going through right now. I went to the my dermotologist today to get this allergic reaction of mine checked out and not only was it a long wait but the appointment was so much more than what I expected.

I went in thinking I'll just get my rash looked at since it's been spreading all over the body (ewww... I know~~) and maybe a simple blood test. But instead I got a biopsy done on two places on my back under local anesthetic thankgoodness~~~... Since my GP couldn't figure it out, I thought the specialist would be pros at this... but apparently to the naked eye it could look like any allergic reaction so we don't know until we have a biopsy done. I have stitches in my back which will eventually have to come out later this week... man all this for an allergic reaction I've NEVER had before (this stuff is annoying~~~)

So I'm probably not in the right state of mind since I've been dealing with the itchiness and ugly spots for over a week and they still haven't figured out anything yet... So fingers crossed for friday's results.

Onto some other decisions I've made recently... well I've decided not to transfer my blog from Xanga to this spot because it's too much work going through the same photos and then having to change the watermarks on them... so please visit my Xanga site if you get the time and you wanna know what I've been up to in the past in my little city of Melbourne in Aus town ahaahahahahaa...

I'll continue what I planned to post on Xanga in the future here so look out for it. And wish me luck in my recovery from this terrible I just want to have it GONE ASAP!!!!
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Till next time.



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