Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Bday gift in Korea + FOTD

Wow... I'm on a ball here... putting up posts after posts (awesome) I just better keep it up. So just before we get to what I got for my birthday last week (1st May). I wanted point out that Akisa has raised the need for me to repurchase the Bourjois Liner Feutre again...(CLICK HERE for her review). I had discovered this liner back when I was in Melbourne, went through a couple of them and just realised I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! I knew there was something special about this liner and was so happy  that Akisa shared the same views on the product.

PROBLEM: I went to one of the Bourjois counters here in Korea and... THEY DON'T HAVE THE LINER FEUTRE! NO~~~ Instead there was this other liner which was not felt tip but had bristles (not fond of it). I am so upset now...  They have everything but the liner I wanted WHY? Not happy, not happy at all... May be I should give others a try but... I just love this particular one too much bleh~~~

Anyway, just thought I'd share just how much I love this's really the best I've tried and super easy to work with. So if you believe anything you read from Akisa's blog or mine... this is the ONE you should be trying out hehehehehe... I can guarantee that it's super long lasting and black.

From sadness to more happy stuff. I wanted to share with you guys what my friend gifted me on my bday last week. Yep another year older~~~ So here it is:

That's right from BENEFIT! The newest "take a lasts longer" body balm (awesome for the hotter seasons where you need to show off some skin) and a "smokin' eyes" palette. I've tried a few of the Benefit products over the years and haven't been really impressed at the quality compared to the price (when I was in Melbourne). The products just didn't work on me (mascaras, cream eye shadows, eyeliners etc.) But as these were a gift I can't complain and wanted to try them out.

First off is the "smokin' eyes" palette:

What you get in this compact kit:
  • eye bright (pink, next to the brow wax)
  • 3 smokin' eyeshadows: pink highlight shadow, pewter base shadow,deep charcoal shadow
  • smokin' liner (black)
  • brow zings shaping wax
  • fluff shadow/hard angle brush
  • tiny tweezers for discreet touch-ups

First impressions: Since I didn't enjoy the Benefit products I've tried previously I wasn't too keen on what this kit had to offer. I have to give it credits for having everything in  tiny sizes and means all you need is just this lil thing in your makeup bag. Let's go through what works for me and what doesn't.

Eyebrow wax: I don't like using wax on my brows (as my brows are full enough and doesn't need heavy application). Another thing is that the color doesn't match my hair color or is even close to my original eyebrow color. It's too redish brown~~~

Eye bright (pink): So this can be used on the inner corners of your eyes and underneath your eyebrows... for that subtle highlighted look. When I say subtle it really is... there are no shimmers in this creamy product and you may need to use quite a bit to get that brightening effect to occur. But I don't hate it, it's a good product as it does last once applied just not sure about the brighter looking effect it claims to do. Looks kinda flat to me as there are no shimmers.

3 smokin' eyeshadows: I will talk about these all together as the difference is just in color. To be honest the color pay off is NOT great... I really have to load up my brush and pack on the color to see any difference. The pink is too flat for a base and really does nothing underneath any other colors. The color I love the most is the pewter base shadow (middle of the pink and charcoal). This one has a very cool shimmery grey color to it and is perfect for that smokey grey look. Surprisingly, even the darkest of them all (charcoal color) really ain't that dramatic and dark as intended. So all in all I only love the middle color (would continue to use it).

Pencil eyeliner (black): I tried it on my hand and when I rub over it, it DOES smudge and continues to do so throughout the day although not as dramatic as the first rubbing. Hence it's not smudge or waterproof enough for my liking.

Tools: Tweezers are flimsy as the tip isn't precise enough to grab at each strand of hair and the metal is too soft and cannot pull out the hair from the roots effectively. It's actually painful to pull out the hair using this tweezer (not good and too tiny in size). I prefer to use the eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes I already own instead of the one in the kit as it's too tiny for any sort of good application.

Sounds like I'm dissing the "smokin' eyes" kit right? Well... it's my honest opinion as I have used it quite a few times since receiving it as a gift. But no worries as it's a gift I'm happy to receive and willing to try out. Not everything is suited to me (almost all things at Benefit) But it was great trying it out again.

FOTD using the kit:

What do you think? Agree with me when I say the color pay off ain't so great because for a smokey eye palette it should be more intense. But good thing is I can do a very subtle smokey eye with this... just takes longer to build it up.

So sorry for the bad close up photos... I haven't gotten the hang of the lighting in my room... not much natural light comes through and the light in the room is pure white... So I look heaps blue-ish~~~ But I'll find a better way for future pics. But you get the point :) I did apply the pink eye bright on the inner corners of my eyes and underneath the eyerbrows... you can't see it right? Well... I know it just doesn't show on me.

While I'm at it let me share what I had on my lips which I'm loving currently:

MAC's Myth lipstick with a coat of Shu Uemura's lipgloss in BG 952S. Both products have been raved about a long time ago and I just think this combo is the best for that milky,nudish, glossy look. Hate it/ Love it?

Well that's all I have to share with you guys today. Hope you enjoyed  the post (it's actually beauty related phew~~). I will do a review on the "take a picture... it lasts longer" body balm by Benefit once I've used it enough. But this is one of those raved about products as well... mainly because it's relatively new! hahahahaah...
Overall I'm heaps grateful for the gift for my first birthday over here in Korea, feel so loved~~~ hehehehe...

Take care you guyz. Till next time.
Heaps of love from ME.


♥akisa♥ said...

Thanks for the link shoutout love!! There are so many gorgeous eyeliners in Korea you will forget about Bourjois in a few months time, Hahahaha~ Love the Mac Myth on you!! Suits you very well. I so need a creamy nude lipstick. Pity I have like >10 lippies on my wishlist. Very ridiculous..

With Love, Elle said...

pink n greys on the eyes are SOOO IN rite now! so i hope u learn to love these 2 combi colours as im experimenting these colours nowadays hehe happy birthday!

xoxo elle

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey hun! Thanks for coming by and showing some blog love. Great to have you back, and happy belated b-day!! =D

Sorry to hear about the absence of that liner in Korea. Hope they stock it soon or that you find a dupe! How sweet of your friend to give you that palette. I think you look really pretty with the subtle smokey eyes. Plus, the shiny lips add a nice touch! *^_^*

Tammy said...

Which stars did you see??? Omg if it was me and it was a star I liked I'd go crazy fan girl on them and get banned from the neighborhood! XD --perhaps it's good I'm not in Korea that lol

Ooh you got the Smokin' Eyes palette! I've always been tempted by this one but I've never taken the plunge for some reason. It looks lovely though!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

aw u must miss melb hehe but im sure u are exploring korean and must be such a fab experience! korea is one of those places on my to go list!! x


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